Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Surprised By Oxford by Carolyn Weber


  Surprised by Oxford was a very interesting book to read. At first I was intrigued with the thought of even going to Oxford and being surrounded by such history, such intellect, such dedication to academics. I was not disappointed as Weber shares with us her journey to Oxford and how she is immersed in her study  of Romantic Literature. I appreciate that she has included at the beginning of each chapter, and sprinkled throughout great quotes or parts of great literature that most of us either have not read or have not read in quite some time.
     I appreciate the fact that Weber was very honest with where she came from, what role she found her self playing in the family- especially when dealing with her father. She has hard conversations with both the academic people she is at University with as well as at home with her family. She really goes into Oxford as an intellect that relies on thinking things through, she does not see a need for God. However, she makes friends with people that challenge her, especially TDH. TDH poses hard questions that she as an intellect really has to think about, research and figure out for herself. By doing this deep inner study she is lead to actually read the Bible - front to back- a feat most folks Christian or Non-Christian have not done. While she does this she finds herself discovering  her real identity, having a different purpose in life then she originally thought she had and in the end having the one true relationship her life had been lacking. A relationship with God.
     I would really suggest reading this book, if you are from an academic point of view you will appreciate how Webers' mind works and  how she has to read, analyze and come to her own conclusion. If you are from a family that has challenges you will find you are not alone. I believe this book will challenge anyone that takes the time to read it.
     I would like to thank Thomas Nelson for supplying me with this book free of charge. In receiving this book the only thing that was asked of me was to write a review of the book with my  honest opinion.

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