Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Day...I am blessed.

Good morning folks, please come in and have a cup of tea and tell me what you are thankful for? I am sure that you are in the midst of having a wonderful time with friends, family. Or maybe you just have time off from work and are able to be doing something that you like to do- quilting, sewing, reading. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday.
I am thankful for alot of things in my life right now...but I was really thankful this year that I had the actual day of Thanksgiving off and was able to go and spend time with family. Being I work with vulnerable adults I usually work the holidays and have not had them off in years!
So Mikhaila and I were able to go up north (Minnesota) and spend some time with the family and eat some wonderful food!! It was well worth the travel time to be able to be with family. 

Whenever we get together we have to play some music. There are some real musicians in the group that was there on Thursday but I am sad to say am not one of them. So most of us play G and C LOL!!! Its really about having a good time and spending time together, listening to some great music, laughing, signing the old songs like I'll Fly Away. Things my Great Grandma would have done, I can still hear her playing She'll be coming around the mountain- she would make that piano jump right off the floor!!
Roger is awesome on the mandolin. The Mandolin adds so much to the music, I can listen to it all day!!

I really like this picture of my Aunt Bonnie so I had to put it in here.
Here they are all singing the Dancing With Bears song.
Uncle Marvy. It was his birthday this week - 79!!

My Aunt Bonnie and Olivia, her Grand daughter, Micah her Grandson.

 Here is Norm - the neighbor and my Cousin-in-law David. I am knitting in the back                                                                                

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