Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scouting The Divine by Margaret Feinberg

I was so impressed with the creative story-telling and the creative ways that Feinberg came up with finding the people that she would pose her thought provoking questions too.
    I thought the book was well rounded with Feinberg talking to a Shepherdess, a Beekeeper, a Farmer, and a Vintner.These four occupations are addressed in the Bible, are used actually as teaching tools for both the past as well as for us today . To fully understand the teachings that God is trying to get across to us we need to fully understand what it truly means to be a sheep that hears the Shepherd's voice, to be a worker bee in the hive of God, to be a good steward of the land and to be patient enough to wait on God to grow us into producing vines. We need to work with God as a partner in all that we do and this book helped clarify a lot of the Whys that I personally have asked in my journey through the Bible.
As a generation that is removed from our agricultural background Feinberg poses questions that are thought provoking and when they are answered you have that "awe that is what it meant" moment! It deepens the meanings of the verses and the lessons that are peppered throughout the Bible.
     I would Highly recommend this book to both Believer and Non-Believer alike. The only suggestion I would say is to read an occupation and then meditate on it before going on to the next one. It will be hard, I wanted to keep reading the whole book once I started. However I think it really makes the book that much richer if you slowly digest the lessons that are so beautifully explained.
     I will definitely look for more books written by Margaret Feinberg in the future. I was given this book by Zondervan, free of charge for my honest review of the book.

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