Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Operation Christmas Child Boxes- getting donations

Hello there friends, please come in and sit down and have a cup of tea. How have you been? Things here have been alittle busy with getting things together for a ministry that we are so happy to support. We have had fun getting  things together for them.
Mikhaila decided that she was going to get more involved with Operation Christmas Child this year. So she went and got the word out to people that she was collecting donations for her boxes. She decided that she would go ahead and plan for 20 boxes to be done. After she had them collected and put together she would then have me drive her down to the Cities and we would drop them off at the KTIS radio station. We planned for November 19th so that we could drop them off and take a tour of the radio station as well. The radio station was broadcasting live as they took donations and put them in the long semi that was parked in the parking lot.
So that was the plan..... first she told a friend about collecting things for Operation Christmas Child. The friend  said she had some more items that were left  from putting her own  boxes together and that Mikhaila could have those for her boxes.

So here are the goodies that were donated by that great friend.Thanks so much! 

Then Mikhaila talked to Angel Ministries, they sat down and had a meeting and decided that their ministry would pair up with Mikhaila and donate things for 20 child boxes. Mikhaila was pretty excited that they talked to her and took her mission seriously. She was also very excited that they would help her get 20 boxes put together.
Here is the great bin of goodies that they donated. Thanks to them and thanks to the person who donated the blue monkey ! We appreciate all the help!

This is the goodies laid out as she started putting the boxes together. As you can see the boxes in the background are starting to get things put in them.

Mikhaila also asked her youth to stretch themselves and come up with some things to put together for an additional box.They had one put together already and well they came through with some extra stuff..... Thanks guys!

Then it was time to put the boxes together..... but first we had to come up with some boxes and while we were at it we had to buy our  own goodies to throw into the pile. So off we went to the store.
The empty boxes waiting to be filled. We ended up buying all the boxes out at the store! We still did not have enough for all the boxes we ended up doing.

Some of the items that we purchased. The kids will love their bars of soap and their great wash clothes!Time to put it all together! This was the fun time, Mikhaila had two helpers, one a lady I work with- she supervised. She would let Mikhaila know if she thought there should be something extra in a box or if we forgot to put something in there. Then the other a fuzzy helper named Daisy.
Keeping records of what was donated, she needs to write thank you cards. Plus it will help with collecting things for next year!

Mikhaila's  friend Daisy who was helping us as well!

Putting the labels on the boxes so they know if they go to a boy or a girl  and what age.
All beautifully packaged and ready to go....

There ended up being 24 boxes!!! WOOT WOOT!! Way to go Team Lampert! It took others helping Mikhaila, they did great as a team! I am proud of all that helped with this ministry outreach. Thanks so much!

There were 8 boxes that we had no boxes for! So we bagged them up, put the paper inside so we would know if they are for boys or girls and tied them up and brought them with. When we got to the station they had 4 boxes that they had left, they took the other 4 in the bags and they will get a box when they go to the warehouse.
There are plenty of organizations that get things together for others during the holidays that otherwise might not have anything. Please remember to donate to a charity of your choice, donations of all sorts are needed and that does not always mean money and toys. There are alot of places that need volunteers and just some one who cares and will listen. Why not start a new tradition with your family? Have a family meeting and see how you can be a blessing to someone. I guarantee it will change the way  you look at the world around you. Have a wonderful night my friend.

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