Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snowman building -Leap day-2012

Good morning friends! Come on in. Today is a day to play catch-up with the blog as I finally can get on the computer. Mikhaila has been on trying to get some work done for school so I am alittle behind in some posts.
I am going to start with the snowman building that happened during, and right after the snowstorm.

There was a snowman here  before so she started by firming it up alittle. If course Kittan had to help out his mom! Mikhaila is a real cat lady. They swarm around her like dogs!

Even Willie had to come and see what Mikhaila was doing. It looks a little fuzzy because it was snowing and blowing!

Yes that is Kittan sitting in one if Mikhaila's footprints! The snow is that high!

Here he is trying to get across the lawn. It was a riot to watch him try to go from footprint to footprint !

Still creating! Yes she is out in a  snowstorm with no hat on and capri pants!!!! Yes she also complaines later about the snow in her boots!

She looks like a wild woman out there with her hair down blowing in the very strong breeze!

We are getting to the top.

Is this the new arobics work-out?

She can barely see with all the snow coming down! LOL

Its good to see that kids can still have a great time buildng snowmen!! LOL She has always just gone out and built snowmen since she was little.

Yes I did knit that scarf!
Of course Kittan had to help out and be the  first one to say hi!

Ok I really have to say he is a cutie and so is the snowlady!

The new snowwlady living in the yard. I hope I can borrow that outfit someday!

Chloe and all the other dogs went CRAZY barking at the "person" in the yard! It was very funny and VERY LOUD with all of them going off!

She has to always taken pictures of herself  with her creations, animals, or just pictures of herself! I created a camera hog!!

I personal think she needs some other snow people out there with her. What do you think?

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