Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cute Baby Goats!

Good Morning! I hope that it is sunny in your neck of the woods! How come a person just gets so much done when the sun is out? I do like days that are sort of rainy however yesterday we had snow!! This whole week is suppose to be cooler than it has been- not hard as we have had temps in the 70's already in March!
So I thought I would show you some more cute photos of the new residents at the farm. They are quite funny and each has its own personality! We are new to bottle feeding baby goats as the goats we have had in the past took care of their own babies. We got these dairy goats from a friend who dos not need all these boys as she runs a dairy and milks for making cheese and bath products. So this a fun new way to have animals that will be welll taken care of and then move on before winter. So on to the photos!
The cream colored one is Bert ( he already cam named) he is super soft!

Here is Mikhaila showing the goat how to get the nipple in and keep it in the mouth. Some of them licked the nipple- very funny!

Spock and Flopsy playing on the cement blocks. These two are way cute! And actually are quite calm

Flopsy likes the kitties. He is checking them out because they are always around when the boys get fed. Wonder why??

I the beginning Mikhaila liked to hold the babies on the barrel. Here she is checking to see if the baby got any milk at all! He kept licking the nipple!

Getting goats to stand still for a photo is a joke! LOL We call the second one there that you can see ears.

Now they know the chair that they get fed in so here is begger boy looking for another bottle! LOL

Does he remind anyone else of Spock? I think it just is the coloring on his face - makes it look lik Spock's eyebrows and then of course the ears. LO 
Trying to keep a goat still and reach for a bottle! LOL This picture wastaken on Sun when we were still trying to train them.

Here is Blackie Chan and of course one of the kitties!

Ahhhh finally getting how to make the bottle work! Yum! Some of the babies do better on the barrel, some being held on the lap, some in the arms. Now that they know we are the milk source they also like to stand, but we still have those that need to be cuddled and fed!

This is the little guy who is quiet- he will just look at you and then when he finally feels ignord and still wants your attention he will head butt you! LOL He reminds me of Spock on Star Trek!

Alright I have got to get something else done around here! Have a great day and enjoy the sun!

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