Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Try It Tuesday!

Good morning! I hope this finds you well, do you have a busy day planned? It seems that time of the year when we are all so busy trying to get plants started or planted outside. I  hope its warm in your neck of the woods as it was cold here yesterday with the wind just a blowin'! It only got around 37 or so here and it was windy!
So you are wondering hmmm its Try- it Tuesday what has Raine been up too now? Well let me first tell you the computer has been acting up so it has been hard to post anything! I think it should be good now, but you never know!
So today I am posting on planting some things. No they were not done today, I had to do it on a nice warm, no wind sort of day! Mikhaila as well as some of the other residents here on the farm helped me out. So here we go.
Olive- yes he is a boy! Checking out what his mother is planting!

Some of the empty hanging pots that we put  seeds in.

Mikhaila planted marigolds in the one basket.She is the marigold queen! Those are the first flowers she goes for! Any color- just marigolds!

Here she is planting my johnnie jump-ups! What can I say I love pansies and johnny jump ups! The easiest way to make me smile is to look at one of these plants!

So Celeste (the dark one) had to come and check things out and she brought Annabelle ( the buff goose)

Celeste likes big buckets of water! LOL

Pepper plant

Mikhaila loves her peppers! The hotter the better!

They thought the crinkly bag had food in it.... it was potting soil! LOL

She was having so much fun helping out!! LOL

She was talking the entire time. Probably saying hey thanks for the water! You should try this!

We planted morning glories, johnnie jump- ups and sunflowers around the base of the feeder pole.

Threw some soil on top of the seeds and watered them.

Dahlia out there seeing what we were doing.

Dutchess taking a break after running around the yard like she was a crazy woman! She thinks she is the protector of the yard- she chases the robins and even the butterflies off the lawn!

I have to say the bucket was the favorite watering hole this day!

Here she is planting heirloom tomatoes- yellow pear. She loves these tomatoes. Can you see all her helpers?

I hope you have been able to get some plants started. Even if it is just a couple trays of some different plants that make you happy. Like Mikhaila and her marigolds, me and my morning glories and pansys. I am sure there are some flowers or  veggies that you have to have! Try to plant some out around the mailbox post ( we put morning glories out there) or by a fence- they don't always need to be in a pot. Make sure that you go see what others have been trying out at Jo's Country Junction. Mke sure you tell me what you are trying.Have a great day!

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