Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Kids are here!!! All 15 of them!

Hello there! I was going to try and get on here and post cute kid pictures yesterday but well with getting the kids- that was an adventure. Thank goodness my neighbor took us over to Rebecca's farm, otherwise we would not have gotten the kids until Monday! Rebecca is the lady who owns Raising Kids Farm, she is the maker of the wonderful Serendipity Springs Bath and Body Products. You can go check her products out at Serendipity Springs. Here are some of the goats at Rebecca's farm.

The baby girls pen.

Aren't they the cutest? Love the loppy ears one! LOL

This black and white one will be a beauty when she grows up! She is already sooo cute! Future milkers for Rebecca!

Here is a little girl laying in the best bed in the house! LOL She was in the in hay holder. She was passed out cold!

One of the bucks that helped father the cuties!

Rebecca's hoop house- all that green is spinach! Mikhaila was so excited to eat some. It was nice and tiasty in there!


Here are the boys all loaded up in the truck. Aren't they cute?? I really like the face on the brown boy 2nd from the left! Too cute!
  Ok well so far that  is what is going on here at BarnyardChicks. I would have added some captions under some of the pictures but hey the computer says no! The goats are getting settled in and some have names- not too many! Mikhaila calls the black on Blackie Chan and the little brown  one reminds me of someone on Star Trek- maybe Spock. LOL Have a good night.


  1. I don't know if you girls read thesebut thanks for the pictures of the kids. It reminds me of the days when I raised goats, actually it goes back further when as a young boy my parents had goats because I had a sister who was allergic to cows milk. oh my... but I'm not here to tell a story, just to thank you for bringing back memories. and...please respond to an e-mail I am sending as soon as I finish this mindless melodramatic mixture of memorabilia. If i don't hear from you there I will pester you here again


  2. What fun, what fun! I am jealous of all the kids...and how are those rabbits doing for you?? I hope they are being good girls. Have fun with all the babies. Next I want to see some pictures of your new chickens, please!! :-D