Saturday, April 14, 2012

Goodies bought at the quilt show.

So I have not posted the pictures from the quilt show yet- I know I am so behind! But I thought I would go ahead and post the goodies we bought from one of the ladies that had a table of quiltiing items that she was selling. Little did we know that we hit the table at the right time- everything was 1/2 off!

Mikhila the cat lover got ahold of ths before I could! LOL It has a mix of fabric and wool. Very cute. It has some of the pieces that still need to go on there. Then the embroidering has to be done.

This piece was in the box in the picture below. Not sure how they got such a big piece of fabric in there!

All this fabric was inside that little box! I was happy to get this as I have very little  Christmas fabric in my stash!

These pieces are Mikhaila's and they are already sewn together and have batting on them! She likes the blue fabrics.

Just some panels but they would be good for making pillows or they can always be cut up at this great price!
Anothe panel- this one has the back and the batting as well as being all pinned together!
A close-up of the fabric.
Ths panel we grabbed for Mikhaila - she has the bunny bug. Which of course she got from he mom! LOL They are cute.
This one has the backing and the batting too and is all pinned and ready to sew.

Some more patterns. I just really like all three of these! The cow needs to get done for the fair I think!

Just a close-up so you can see the fabric.

So the computer is acting up and doesn't want to rotate the picture! Love technology sometimes! LOL Oh well you got the idea, more fabric bundles, 4 magazines and I got two rolled - up poly  batts

Mikhaila got two bags of various scraps and she grabbed this santa fabric!  Also here is the baga of odds and ends of batting- these have 100% cotton ones in there. I see more mug rugs in my future!
Computer won't let me delete or rotate! Nice. I am not going to restart ths all over so I do apologize but you will have to just look at it this way. LOL I was thinkingof cutting these apart, I am not a panel fan, but they would be cute on cards, or mug rugs- or a scrap quilt.

I got this pattern for like 50 cents! It has alot of pattens that I like and can use. I been looking for a house pattern and I think the welcome banner is very cute!

So that is the goodies we got! Hope you have enjoyed checking things out. What projects are you working on? Have you added  to your stash? I wish I had the money to add something to my stash! LOL Scraps is where I am right now- I like working with those they give you alot of possibilites. Have a good day- we are off to pick up baby goats. Yes more blogging opportunities!

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