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Spooner Advocate Column- April 19,2012

So for those who do not know I write a Community column for the Advocate. It has been a lot of fun and I am starting to get to know some people in the area through them telling me what is going on in the community! I thought why not post the column on my blog and get double exposure! So here is the one from last week- they will always be posted on the blog AFTER they come out in print.
Hope you have a fantastic week!
Hello there neighbors.
Can you believe this weather? I sure hope that the majority of you have not put the garden in!! Snow on April 16th? Well I can't really say I am surprised, however I do like  warmer weather and would like to get more things growing and out of the house. Guess this is where patience comes in.
Our prayers are with Susan Kuha and her family with the passing of her beloved sister. Prayers for strength and safe travel as you go though this sad time.
Sustainable Living Fair will be held at LCO Community College on April 25 from 9-4. This sounds like it will be a great event!
Here is some of what is on the Agenda.
15+ Vendors!, Free Electronics Collection-Site (4/25 only + Fees for large TV’s)

Break-out Sessions, "Green Business for the Ojibwe Entrepreneur” – LaPointe Financial (Part of money smart week)
1.Composting 101
2.Green Cleaning Products
3.“Eat your Weedies”
4.Sustainable Business: Getting Started
5.Wild Rice Pilot Project – LCO Cranberry Marsh
Hands-On Workshops at the Farm (Registration Required)
1.Beginner’s Gardening 101 (2-3p, 3-4p, 5:30-7p)
2.Attracting Pollinators: Make and Take (2-3p, 3-4p)
3.Build Cold Frames to Extend Growing Season: Make and Take (2-3p, 3-4p, 5:30-7p)  ,
Keynote Speaker, Cooking Demonstrations, Potluck Luncheon Contest- with Seed packets for Entries and Prize for category winners!!
If you would like to register for one of the hand-on workshops get ahold of Amber Marlow at 715-634-4790 x156 or
One oops on my part for the Earth Keepers Clubb coming up on April 28th from 12:30- 4:30 out at th Jacoby place. I said they would be making bricks and I was wrong! What they are really doing is having a presentation on how to make birdhouses out of straw and clay. This is something I want to learn! We have a ton of brds out here and I am short on my birdhouses. If you are planning on going make sure that you call Shari 715-635-7811 or shooter an e-mail  . Sorry about the mix up.     
That is what I have for you this week. Remember if you have some news that you would like to share please try to let me know by Sunday evening.You can call me 715-766-2221 or e-mail me
Have a great week!

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  1. Good Morning Raine and Mikhaila,
    Great article for the Advocate Raine, My brain, infused with sunshine and rain began to bloom. So ...even though your column has a local flavor would you consider spreading it a bit to the west and include a shameless promo for the Spring Conference in Siren May 4th and 5th. There now its on your blog and the whole world knows right?