Thursday, April 12, 2012

From the Book Shelf...

Good morning - the sun is shining brightly out there this moning. Alittle nippy and there is frost on the grass- but I sure do enjoy the sunrise of a new day. They are beautful and can inspire a person to think what is possible for that day. What is a possibility for you on your horizon? Whatever it is I hope that you achieve that goal but I pray that you enjoy the hills and valleys on the way to the top of your mountain! My mountain today is to get the sewing done that I have to do so that I can work on some fun projects and finish the trivet I have that is 3/4 done, get an ironing board cover done, and work on my crumb quilt. That is the goal for today and tomorrow.
So the question today is what is on your nightstand? What are you currently reading or what have you just finished reading? Any recommendations? I have been bad lately and when I have seen a good kindle book that is free I have downloaded them to my kndle on my PC. So having done that I have not been on the computer to read them, but hey they are there for a time that I have more time to read. Does that mean I have not been reading? Well of course not! Reading to me is like breathing and well we HAVE to do that, don't we? Plus I have to say although I really would like a Nook or some device like that- and at some point will get one. I really love books! I love to see them , touch them, smell the new pages! Yum! I like to be able to look at the pages and reread them or see them sitting on the shelf waiting to be enjoyed. There is nothing like a really good book to curl up with and to go somewhere or do somethng that you may never really be able to do in real life! Books are an adventure! So this is what is currently being read by me.

Operation Downfall

The Alienist (Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, #1)
Under the Tuscan Sun

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus: How the Jewishness of Jesus Can Transform Your Faith
Most of these are at least half done. I just have not had time to read lately. Too busy, too tired, also there was the time I was sick and all I wanted to do was sleep! LOL
These are some books that  are waiting to be read- I can't start any until I get the ones I have started done!
Spirit Wars: Winning the Invisible Battle Against Sin and the Enemy

Unashamed to Bear His Name: Embracing the Stigma of Being a Christian

A Sister's Hope (Sisters of Holmes County #3)
A Sister's Test (Sisters of Holmes County, #2)

Of course there are some Amish books in the line-up. Although I can not start this series as I have book 2 and 3 and not 1!!! Man that means I have to look through the books I have and see if I do have the 1st one- my good friend Sandra sent me a bunch of Amish books about a year ago and I have not read through all of the yet so maybe???? If not I have to get it before I can start the series. I have always been interested in the Amish and I really enjoy reading the authors that write about them.
So that is alittle of what is here on the book shelf. What is going on in your library?  Do You have any book that you think people HAVE to read to live a complete life? Did you read an awful book that you warn people about? Do you keep track of what you are reading? I have to say I am so happy to be on Goodreads. It keeps track of the books I have read, want to read, what I thought of them. I can write a review and hook it to the blog. Very cool. The also have a ton of info on there with new books coming out and book clubs, etc. If you are not on Goodreads go check it out and of course become my friend- I am listed Raine Lampert.
Enjoy your day... and remember share a book with a child. A book is the door to an adventure waiting to happen.

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  1. Hi, Raine! Lately I've been working my way through Elin Hilderbrand's books... they are "beach reads" and not terribly cerebral, but perfect for those rare moments when I'm caught up with school prep, Beth Moore, and housework, and just want to lose myself for a while without having to think too much. I love her character development and the way she alludes to events in the characters' pasts that impacted the current situation, but doesn't tell you right away what actually happened. Keeps me up late to find out! Enjoy this gorgeous day! :)