Monday, June 4, 2012

Pictures from Sheep and Fiber day! Part 1

Good morning friends. I have missed you! I have not been able to really posted anything with pictures as Mikhaila had the laptop and she was gone for a couple weeks! So here I am finally able to share some stuff with you. I am going to start out by posting some pictures of the Sheep and Fiber day that I went to down in Rice Lake- such a lovely group of ladies- and talented!
Deb- the lady in pink. We were at her farm, she loaded up the sheep to shear the wool. I had to see this as I have to get Bob done and am kind of afraid to do it! LOL

The ewe looks like she is unhappy but this was her first time with the clipper and sh handled it like a champ! I am sure she was hot and itchy!

Deb made this holding table, very slick piece of equipment! It allows you to load the sheep in and tie them by the head and shear the side closest to you.

Then you can go to the other side and gt that side done as well.

Tada!!! A little sheep that is soooo happy! Now she can be cooler and start growing a fleece all over again! After watching the demo I feel a little better.  However, I don't have th cool table and I have a bigger sheep!

This table you learned about felting. You could make a ball, or a coaster, a book marker. Depends on how much you wanted to work the wool.

Don't you love the colors! Alittle soap and water and some friction and you can felt your wool!

The demo area of weaving on a triangle loom. These will make a triangle shawl. Lovely!

Spinning wheel. She had a great seat inside the building and what a nice breeze!

I really want a wheel! She was so good at her work, and could talk while dong it! LOL

Where you paid for your goodies that you had to have! Those are coasters on the left that have been felted.

Here is a better picture of the coasters and I liked the ear warmers! They were lined on the inside, they would be great for winter- hate to think of that, but it will be here eventually!

Now the fun begins, start picking the veggie material out of the fleece.

Young person showing carding and combing. He was adding different colors together to make a lovely batt then that could be spun into yard or felted. 
So that is part one of the pictures that I have. I am really glad that I went and a big thanks goes out to all the people who worked hard putting this event together! Thank you for sharing your love of wool, spinning and all the stuff you can do with it!

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