Monday, January 27, 2014

Spooner Advocate- Springbrook Column, January 23, 2014

Good afternoon neighbors- Not to complain... but I really am needing some sun. I know it might be different if I had some fun toys to play in the snow with but I don't! So whoever keeps praying the snow in can you give us other people a chance too? I think it sure does look beautiful out there, I love to see the birds playing and talking. Does anyone else have birds out there? Just seems like they showed up on day. Was really glad to see them playing and dive bombing each other out there. Anyone see any other animals? I see deer prints but that is about all. 

I have started some seeds in the house! Has anyone else out there started anything yet? I am going to take some seeds as well as chive plants and calendula plants to the Pow-Wow in February. So I hope they grow fast! I also started some rhubarb, this should get me through January! LOL

Earl Church in Earl, WI would like everyone know that you are invited to the Third Annual Triple Treat Saturday. It will be held on February 8th, 2014 from 11:00-2:00 pm at the church. Homemade soup and rolls- all you can eat for $4.00 (until gone). Pies will be for sale (until gone), flea market, silent auction and more! All I can say is that Mikhaila and I went last year and got soup by the skin of our teeth! We also got one of the last pies that were there! I have to say that I know the pie was awesome only because I did not even get a piece! So come support this great event and all I can say is get there early, and get two pies that way you are sure to get some! Thanks Sherrine for letting me know the details.

I would like to say a BIG thank you to all those that came out to the 1st annual seed swap held at the LCO Farm! I was so happy to meet each and every one of you! I was so happy to receive such great feedback about hosting such an event. It is so exciting that there are others out there that are just as interested in seeds as I am! Big thanks go out to those that brought seeds to swap, and those that gave me seeds to share with the 5 different gardens that I have had the privilege to plant on the different reservations! I am glad everyone came, and we will all be in touch soon. As you are going about planning your gardens and realize that you still have to many seeds and don't need them please feel free to give me a call. I am willing to share the seeds that I have or that others give to me with others in the community as well as with the community gardens.
Just give me a call and let me know if you have something to share or if you need some seeds! Also we will be hosting a plant giveaway at the end of May, first part of June so please feel free to plant a couple extras to share! More details will be coming in the future.

If you came to the Prairie Farm Seed Swap this last weekend than you know that alot of people showed up and swapped seeds! Cris did a great job of supplying all kinds of yummy food for all of us that were hungry and trying to figure out what it was we still needed for our gardens. There was a great time had by all just talking about what grew, what we wanted to try this year in our gardens. Also just the sighs that go along with talking about certain plants such as mint, or day lilies that have taken over the gardens, what will be done to control them this year! It was a great time and I am so glad that my car was working and so we were able to get there and back without any mishap.

LCOOCC has their calendar of events out so here are the classes we are offering this month.  Jan 23- Making Soups from scratch held in the College kitchen from 5-8pm, Jan 25- Treaty Day, Jan 28- Beginning knitting, from 5-8 pm with Sherrine, dinner will be served.

Happy Birthday to all the January birthdays out there! Hope the couple warmer days here in NW Wisconsin make your birthday extra special and bright!  Have a beautiful birthday spent with friends and family, doing something that makes YOU happy! We love you!

Is anyone else out there into barns? Whenever I take a road trip or even am going around our beautiful state I am looking for barns. There all kinds of barns, some are still standing and housing animals. Some need some TLC and would love to be given a couple animals to shelter. I dream of having the cool old barns with a big room to put hay in, stalls to put pregnant ewes in. Chickens running around hiding eggs and then coming out with chicks when they hatch. I also want to hang the quilt square painted on a piece of wood on the outside of my barn. I am just an old barn type of girl. So I came across some "barn people" in my travels and thought I would share them with you. The Kansas Barn Alliance- and National Barn Alliance- and Kansas State Historical Society I am still going to look and see if WI has a chapter and see what is going on to preserve our barns. If you have any info and would like to share a ppicture of your barn let me know! 

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