Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rainy and cloudy... Spring where art thou?

Good morning friends. Is it raining in your neck of the woods? It stopped for alittle while here, it was raining pretty good last evening. This morning it is still pretty gray out there! Oh well yesterday I broke down and bought some spring, an easter lily and a cyclamen. I might as well bring spring inside as it has not shown up outside yet. =)
So here are some things that I really believe that you should know that are going on in the area. First today(sat) at Wood River Garden Store they are offering a What's New Walking Tour at noon. Its a free walking tour so you can see, smell, touch the plants they have to offer.They will also show you what is new and what is the latest trend. Sounds like fun! Ahhh to be in a greenhouse when it is raining or dreary out, what could be better?? After that they are offering a fruit and Veggie gardening seminar at 1:30 pm. You ask all kinds of questions and find out what you may be doing wrong.. or share what you are doing right with your gardening.  This class is offered for new and seasoned gardeners. Free too! For other classes they are offering check out their website, its listed in my favorites!
Next all you nature lovers, Crex Meadows has some things to offer today as well. The Earth Day Celebrtion- Spring birding tours 8-10 am, $5 a person, meet at the education center, some carpooling options. From 1-3pm they are going to offer a prairie walk! I would also like to let you know if you ever are able to see the Green Fire, Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic For our Time film please do! Crex had three showings of this film last night for Earth Day. It is very well done! A good film to inform you folks out there about author and conservationist Aldo Leopold. Wow did he leave a legacy, both with his family as well as everyday people that still read and live by his books and land ethic!! He was a great role model, and his family have really carried that on in there work as well! Anyway I would really suggest seeing it, the staff at Crex really had to do alot of work to be able to get the film and be able to show it so lets really support them and their efforts! Way to go staff!
Remember it was Earth Day yesterday, it should be Earth Day everyday! Go out and do something for your community, your yard, for you- you will feel great after planting a tree! Remember to teach a young one about the earth and their responsibility to it!
Until next time..... go buy alittle spring at your local greenhouse. Maybe surprise a friend with something too!

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