Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crumb fun!

Hello there friend... I am sorry that I have not been around to chat with you but life has been a little busy. I hope today was nice in your neck of the woods. Here we had a warm fall day and well when you have such a nice day you have to jump on it don't you?? Sooo..
 I went out today and worked in the gardem. I cut the irises back, pulled all the tomato plants out of the garden, as well as the peppers and the corn. It was hard to do this on such a nice day because your brain is saying "hey that will still grow", or "something is going to grow on that still". I actually had some little tomatoes that were growing since we picked them all off awhile back. So it was a sad moment as I really felt my little garden still had alot to give but.... the reality is it just is not going to get warm enough and well winter is right around the corner. So I used my day wisely and started pulling. Wilbur, Poppy and Mex got all the grass I pulled, all the plants and anything else I timmed back- they were really happy!

This is Wilbur at the fair from this smmer. He is eating his treat after being judged.

The cages, stakes as well as all the ties are in a nice pile that will be put up tomorrow until next year. I weeded the roses, hostas, and irises.I have not done the dahlias yet as they are still green and we have not had a hard enough freeze. I brought all the geraniums into the house so that they can bloom in the house this winter. I have to have as many plants as I can around - that way its green all winter long.
I did take some pictures of the plants that are still looking good and liking the cooler weather. I wish I had the money to buy some mums to put in the tires at the end of the drive, I would choose the rust and the red color I think they are nice fall plants.

The Lemon Verbana

I at least have these to add some color to the garden still.

One of the dahlias that will be dug up later. The cow got into the other two and smooshed them alittle- they all will be dug up after they die back some and we have a good freeze.

My sedum from the top, so you don't see all the grass growing around it. The other sedum had some of the flowers ripped off courtesy of Topher the cow. They must taste bad as he did not eat the flower heads. The flowers are alittle darker then this picture shows.

Other things that I have been doing besides the normal everyday stuff around here has been getting some things sewn. I worked on getting the first two rows of the pinwheel quilt sewn together. I did not take a picture of that.. sorry. Once its together I will take a picture.

I made a present for my friend Anita's birthday and I was quite impressed that it turned out right the first time around, no ripping, no pattern- just me and my creativity! I was inspired to make it being I have been working on these crumb  blocks. They have een really fun to make and it has been really freeing to not have to follow a pattern or make sure everything is perfect. Anita likes things bright so this is what I made her...

Here it is hanging on Mikhaila. I wanted the picture to show the true colors and how bright they are so I took the picture outside. The back is the same orange that is around the heart.

Here is the close-up of the stitches around the heart. I was impressed on how well my stitches turned out being I don't do alot of stitching on my projects.

Last but not least are my crumb blocks... they have been a ton of fun!!  I have been up in the morning and cranking out  some blocks so here they are...

Flying geese

A house, that would not just be a normal block so it will stay a cute house!

A nine patch. Thought I would try it in the corner for a different  look.

More flying geese- this is my favorite.

My other nine patch. I actually liked making these. I have not made a nine patch before this quilt. I am looking forward to sewing the four patch and the 16 patch.

So that is what I have done so far on the crumb quilt. I will be working on a heart block tomorrow and see if I can get at least three of those made. It should be easy as I have already made Anita's heart so I know how to do it. The part that will take me the longest is the shirt I have to rip up for the red. I would also like to get a star made as that is another block I have never made before. I have to say if you have not tried the crumb blocks try one.... well actually 2 or 3 becase then you have loosened up a bit to really enjoy it. They are really fun and addictive....
Until next time have a good day, remember you are loved, do something nice for yourself, and surprise someone by doing something even nicer for them! Hugs!


  1. I came to see crumb blocks and saw a whole lot more. How fun. Great crumb blocks, too.

  2. Me too!! What great blocks and I agree with you....we need to pay more attention and spend our money in the small places instead of big box stores and restaurants. It is sad when they close.

  3. Great crumb blocks...the flying geese blocks are my favorites!