Monday, July 30, 2012

Hayward Piecemakers Quilt Show- July 27-28, 2012

This last weekend I was excited to be able to attend the Piecemakers Quilt Show in Hayward, WI. The ladies (or men) did a fabulous job of having wonderful displays, great giveaways, friendly folks and some great vendors. The quilters did some wonderful work, such vision on some of the pieces. What a great way to be inspired!
Beautiful work! Some day I will get to the point where I can quilt something like this.

Really like this quilt. These are my colors! Love the staggered rectangles. It gives this quilt movement and makes it almost look 3D. Very cool!

This is very simple, cute and yet very interesting. I love the pattern on the fabric. I really like butterflies and thought this was cool, its even stuffed to make it 3D. I thought this would be a great idea to show my daughter-spark some interest in quilting.
Love the colors!

If you know me  I am  a chicken freak! These are just so cute! I want them for my kitchen! Oh they are so funky, hip, and too cute!
Great job!!!

Want to make this! Its so alive, has movement! Love the colors!

Wool, Yes wool!! I was so excited! She had lots of fun patterns, great kits. I wish I would have had big money with as I would have like to buy a TON!!! I like the fact that her kits are so cute but that you get all the little pieces to make the item. She adds some very nice buttons, beads etc to her pieces.

Here is Darlene's website go check her out. I still have to go check out her web-site but I am sure that whatever you are looking for she would be able to get for you. She is a MN but she has a cabin in WI. She is a great company to add to my list of fun business owners!

Bolts of Fun another one of my favorites was there. We find Sandy so bubbly and well just plain energetic. We of course are in love with her pug! Sandy can be reached at I want to go down there again real soon as she has a great store with lots of goodies, also a great cappachino machine!

This is the BOM club that Kathleen over at Heartlight Quilt Shop is offering starting in Sept. It is called "Woman of Courage"- it is really beautiful. I am planning on signing up for this one as I really want to do some of the Civil War Reproduction quilts- there are alot I have seen and want to do.  I love that they this one has a  story that goes with it. This will be my first and I really am excited. If you want all the info get ahold of Kathleen at she is awesome and a joy to talk to!

Thanks to all the vendors- Bolts of Fun, Heartlight Quilt Shop, J&A Stitches, Northwoods Craft & Variety, One Wing Wool, Scarlett Poppe. Also the volunteers that participated in the show. You all did a wonderful job. I look forward to visiting all the new shops I learned about.

If you are in the Hayward area and would like to join Piecemakers they meet on the 2nd Monday of the month at 10:15 at the Hayward library. The next meeting is August 13. To become a member there is a $15 fee for dues. To contact them

Thanks for checking out the blog today! I love sharing with my readers fun places that I get to go too.

Happy Quilting!!!

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