Monday, July 2, 2012

Lumberjack World Championship- Hayward, WI

So Mikhaila met a nice young lady from PA at the Sawyer County Breakfast acouple weekends ago. I got to meet her mom Karen, both very nice! Mikhaila and Austin have been getting along very well and got to hangout at the lake in their backyard, they also went with us to the Pasture walk in Hayward which was held the same day!So Mikhaila found out Austin was taking some lessons up at the Lumberjack in Hayward, WI. What did Mikhaila say... "How cool I want to be a Lumberjack!" So guess what we did on Friday 6/29? Yup to Hayward we went. =)

So here she is being told to get up on th log.This is where it would have been all over for me! Talk about having to have balance!

Here she is with the instructor, getting all the pointers of what to do to stay on the log!

She is being told tiny steps.

Here we go....

In the  meantime Austin was practicing on her own log.

She is down in the water but not for long!

Such balance! Strike a pose!

Here they are practicing. Thanks so much for the pointers Austin!

Up we go again. Talk about focus!
So we all had a great time. The weather was warm, a great day to be in the water! If you are ever in the Hayward area please stop in to see the Lumberjacks, they do a  daily show! Thanks for all the help Austin!

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