Monday, July 23, 2012

Spooner Advocate Column- July 19, 2012

Good morning neighbors. I hope this finds each of you doing well with the heat, lack of rain and the sometimes crazy storms we have been experiencing. 

We have seen another bear in our area, this time cutting through our pasture to cross the highway to get to the neighbors. Mikhaila called me to tell me all this-  she was so excited to see another bear! I have to say they are so cool to see, huge, looking soft and cuddly. Makes you just think how God really made some awesome animals. However it also reminds us that we are sharing the earth with other creatures and we should try to respect them and live in harmony with them. We are lucky that the bear really has paid no attention to us or the animals here on the farm, that is a good thing. Its hard to remind a 15 year old that they need to know what is going on around them, they need to see what is in the yard before they walk out there! Kids still think they are invincible!

Jack Pine Savage Days is coming up on August 3,4,5. Seems there will be all kinds of things to do, like the 5K Mud Run/obstacle Race on Friday the 3rd. Lots of music, a car show, the Spooner Women will have their book sale, food booths- alittle of everything to interest everyone! If you would like to see what is planned on what date and time check out the line up at they are also on Facebook.

Please remember that there is a Farmers Market in Stone Lake every Thursday from 2-6 pm. They are located between Marie's and Lakes Co-op by the railroad tracks. If you know od other Farmers Markets in our area please let me know. I thought I heard that there was one in Stanley or Earl but I don't have any information about it, if you do know their schedule please let me know.

I saw in last weeks Advocate that the Springbrook VFW had a Band Fest scheduled on July 14th. I wish I would have known that this was scheduled as I would have put it in the paper! I have called up to the VFW and have never gotten ahold of anyone. So if anyone up there reads this please let me know what is on your schedule. This is a community column so if you have a neighborhood garage sale, church bazaar, collecting items for donations (ie glasses, hearing aids, quilts etc), get togethers or anything else planned please let me know. I feel bad when I find out things that could have been promoted, that never get the coverage that they deserve. So give me a call even if you think I know about something chances are I don't!

The Washburn County Fair is right around the corner July 26-29, 2012. I hope that you have all your registrations in for exhibiting as the deadline was July13th. Sounds like it will be a great time, make sure you put it on the schedule to go and support all the 4H kids and other exhibitors! Thanks in advance to all the volunteers and exhibitors that make the fairs possible.

Talking fairs the Wisconsin State Fair is August 2-12. I have never been to the Wi State Fair- since I came from Minnesota we always have gone to Mn State Fair. Either fair you go to the fun, sites, exhibits, smells and of course food are well worth going for!  I sure hope that you put it on the schedule. for this year. Let me know what you did while you were there.

Alittle further ahead on the calendar you can put the Wi Quilt Expo, September 6,7,8 2012. You can volunteer to help at the Expo, you would get a  ticket to get into the exhibit and a parking pass just for working 3-4 hours. There are all kinds of classes that you can take to further your knowledge about quilting.  There are even quilting contests that people can enter, see if they win something. Anyway you look at it there is something to do on one or all three days of the Quilting Expo! I  really want to go, guess I will have to see if I can get over there, would love to take a quilting class or two. I hear we have some great quilters in our area, are any of you going?? If you would like to see the agenda or need the forms for entering something you can get all the info at

That's it for this week. Please let me know if you would like something in the column. I need to have the info by Sunday evening so that I can put it all together and get it in by Monday  at noon. Have a wonderful week!

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