Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Try- It Tuesday- Rabbits!

Good mornng friends how are you on this cooler morning? I wish we could sit on the porch and have a cup of tea but things are alittle busy here in the mornings as we have to do everything when its cooler. Do you drink hot tea in the mornings when its warm or do you do cold tea? I go back and forth this morning I think I will have a hot cup of the spearmint from over at the Mennonite store- The Country Pantry. I think I will try to make some cold sparmint tea and see how that is.We have been brewing alot of sun tea this summer that is for sure!
Well today is Try-It Tuesday. If you have been following my blog for awhile then you know I hook up with Jo over at Jo's Country Junction and folks share what they have been trying and sometimes those things work and well sometimes they don't. Yesterday I shared something that Mikhaila was trying- Log rolling! She really liked it!!! She wants to go back and practice some more.
My thing that I am trying again is rabbits. Mikhaila and I use to really be into rabbits, showed them, raised them.We have had at least one rabbit in the barn forever. About a year ago we lost our last on and well I really did not have the housing for them- our old place did not have a garage or any out buildings so I thought lets not get any more. Well that really has ben hard as I am a HUGE rabbit lover, they ar right up there with my poultry and sheep! So A friend Cris had some extra buns in her barn and we got tham awhile back. The two girls are sisters and  are wondering what we are doing taking their picture! LOL

We have wanted to get a buck and get some babies. Yes, they would be for meat as we are trying to live more sustainable here on the farm. Rabbit meat is very healthy for you and rabbits do produce many babies so there wold not be a shortage of product.
We are still looking for a buck for the girls, but  my sister called and she needs some room in here bunny barn so she wanted to know if we wanted any. Of course I said yes as she is raising the same breed of rabbit that I was raising before Dwarf Hotot!! So we are getting some buns from her today-  I am really excited. Plus she is going to breed the rabbits we get from her - so that should mean bunnies in the future! I will update this post later with some pictures of the new bunnies.
Here is one last picture for now.... Rebbie is still sitting on her nest! Oh I do hope we get some babies! Mikhaila went and stuck the 2 duck eggs that China laid under Rebbie too! She did not even care! LOL

Rebbie on her nest on the floor, in the corner of the pole barn by the garage door! We give her food and water over there by her nest as she does not want to come off it now at all and with the hot weather we don't want her sick.
 Ok for now I am done sharing. Please go over to Jo's Country Junction. and see what others are trying out on this beautiful Tuesday! Check back later to see the other buns!

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