Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Try-It Tuesday- African Violets!

Good morning friends. I am pleased that you stopped by to visit my blog. Today is Try-It Tuesday, orginally thought up by Jo over at Jo's Country Junction. On Tuesday we try out things we would like to "try" . If you have come here before then you know I always ask you  to go check out Jo's site and see what her readers are "trying" and of course see what she has made. She has made some wonderful quilts! I do not know how she gets so much done, I wish I was that fast!
Today I started out with my African Violet that I bought at the grocery store about 5 months ago, it was a house warming gift to myself. I love the color and when I first bought it it was a healthy plant, not huge and had like 2 flowers. Not the same plant today!

The Violet is in a west facing window and has really taken off. I also have a Hoya in this window that has grown like a weed as well. This plant was small but hea;lthy when I bought it, 2 flowers and 8-10 leaves. Not any more!

I really like this color. I have not seen it on any other African Violet, it was the only one at the store. All the rest were purple and pink.

My first thing to do was to get the flat that I used before. These leaves that you see were harvested off a African Violet plant at my job, I have no idea what color the flower will be. I started 4 from leaves and three are still alive and thriving.

First thing I did was put water in there so that the soil can have time to really let it sink in. I will use these 6 starter  holes on this side, and the 6 on the other side as well. I will transplant the 3 that are already started into their own cups.

First I used a paring knife and cut a healthy leaf off the main plant. I used different leaves as I am not sure if the healthy new thick leaves will create a new plant better than a leave that is older and further from the plants core. This is Try-It Tuesday so I figured I will take the time and start as many as I can from various leaves  and see what I get. After cutting the leaf I then dipped it in water.... 

Then in root starter- I used Take Root Rooting Hormone by Shultz, I just bought it at Walmart.

Not a good picture, but I wanted you to see it is clumped on the end, just shack it off alittle.

Then dig a little hole and pop it in. I like to keep the leaf up alittle so it is not laying on the dirt. Violets seem to be picky about their leaves.

This is the seed starter that I used in the yogurt cups.

The leaves were dug out with a spoon and put in their yogurt cup, more soil was added. Watered.

This is how much soil I added before put the leaf in with the soil that they already had around their roots.

As you can see there are a bunch of new leaves coming out. That is why I decided to trim as many leaves off and give the plant some room to breathe. Also I think it will be fun to share some little African Violets with my friends. Friend plants have been started!  

Here are the difference between the leaves. The lighter one is from further out on the plant. The darker one is from closer to the plant- thicker and daek. I guess we shall see which creates a better plant.

Close-up of more leaves and tiny flowers that will be coming out!

The finished leaves all put to bed in their own holes. There are two cells that have 2 leaves in them. I am not sure how many will turn into plants. I was happy last time that 3 out of the 4 that I planted are still alive so I am hope 10 out of 14 this time. We shall see. This was a fun experience. I will have to update everyone as they grow!

Thanks again for visiting the blog. Let me know what you are growing or if there is something I need to know about African Violets. Make sure that you go check out Jo's Country Junction

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