Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spooner Advocate Column- 7-12-12

Good morning friends. First I want to apologize for last week, I had the column all typed ready to send, I always save things as I go and well the computer ate it! It had been acting funny and well it did not save the file or send the file to the office. So due to the early print time there was no way to write it all over again and resend in time for printing last week so I am sorry about that! I really do like paper and pen sometimes more than technology! Although I do have to say I love to have a computer, I like blogging and well just being able to find what  I want when I want it. Plus it is so much easier to stay in touch with those far away. So at some point I will need to get  a different computer......not looking forward to that!

I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather. Seems now at certain times a person can feel cold as its only 80 not 90 something! LOL How are the gardens growing out there? I have canned up three jellies so far, Onion, Dandelion and Strawberry Rhubarb- I had just enough Rhubarb!!  I love rhubarb and was hoping for more this year. I hope everyone is enjoying fresh food either from the garden or from the Farmers Market. Please support the local Growers and Farmers.

Did any of you go to the Spooner Rodeo? Sounded like everyone had a great time! How about the parade? We were there, Mikhaila and her youth group from church handed out water to folks. I was amazed at how many people were in the parade! It was really good and I have to say well done to all the folks that put it together, volunteered for it, or were in the actual parade itself. You all did a wonderful job and we all really enjoyed it! It really was a hoping town, so I hope you got out and enjoyed some of it.

Have you gone to any of the Cakes at the Lakes Nature Series over at Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary? This weekend July 14th Barb Sabatke presents
Loon Ranger on the Lookout. Aug 11 will be Mammals of Shore and Shallows. The cakes are served from 8-10 and the program follows at 10, the cost for breakfast is $7 for adults, $3 for folks 5-12. This is a great family event so go out and experience nature, the kids and the kid inside of you will love it! Any questions 715-635-6543 or

Anyone that knows me knows I have a huge heart for animals. I have a menagerie of animals here and am working up to getting  sheep! I have one sheep, Bob- he is here for fiber as he can't do anything else for the farm. So I have been looking for sheep, and what a hard decision to make about breeds! I know I want wool sheep and something that can be used for fiber and meat other than that well I am on the fence- I like to many breeds! I wish someone would just say " here Raine these are for you and please enjoy them"! That would be soooo helpful, not likely to happen, but helpful! So in the meantime I will keep looking at sheep, drooling over them. If you are interested in sheep or would just like to see what the Spooner Ag Station is up to they are hosting Spooner Sheep Day, Aug 18th from 9-3 pm. If you have any questions give Otto a call he can be reached at 715-635-3506. Hope to see some of you there!

Last but not least this weekend- July 14-15 is also Heritage Days over at the Pioneer Village Museum in Barron, from 10-5pm both days. I have not been to Heritage Days but have heard from others that it is worth going too. I did tell you that Mikhaila and I had just been over there and that a person should go just to see what  a great job that they have done over there. This is your opportunity, take the family and show the younger generation that they do have it pretty easy these days! They could be bailing hay the old way, or cooking on a wood stove! I know Alice was looking for folks to share their talents and to do demonstrations, it may not fit into your schedule this year but she is  putting a list together for helpers next year as well. Alice can be reached at 715-719-0256.

Thanks so much for reading the column. I would love to hear from you, even if its just a short hello. I can be reached at 715-766-2221 or Have a wonderful week!

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