Saturday, July 7, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

Hello there friends. Are you and your family surviving the heat? I sure do hope everythng is going good for you and your friends and family wherever you are.Thank God the heat has broke alittle here. Its strange when you feel like 70' and 80's are cold! LOL It cools off so much at night that sitting by the window you get cold!
The animals have been doing pretty good, we have had some sickness- the goose had a cold. Some other weird things but overall we have been doing pretty good. My heart goes out to folks in Colorado, please keep them in your prayers. I wish I was closer so that I could put some of their animals up here at the farm! Colorado is such a wonderful state, all that distruction just is so sad.
A couple weekends ago when we were out quilt shop hopping we hit a really good sale. It must have been a sale where they were getting rid of extras of a family member, downsizing fabric stashes. So I was very excited when I found some really awesome stuff. The only things that would have been the topper to a great cake would have been a finished quilt and a sewing machine!! For whatever reason I really like old sewing machines- I love all kinds and am always looking out for more! LOL Plus I would love to get ahold of an old quilt, even somethng that is very used or not put together. I don't have one quilt around here can you believe it???
Anyhow someday..... here we go with the finds.

So I have been wanting one of thesefor a LONG time, I was to cheap to buy one! So I scored this at the sale with all the thread for $5!  Score!!

There are Mikhaila's choice of fabrics, so they will go in her stash. There was alot of fabric for $1!

Handmade bag that Mikhaila had to have.

Love the pom poms! And such a bright  floral fabric.

A little fabric to add to my stash!

This is one of the old chenille bedspreads. It is white and has a great pattern on it. I need to figure out something to make from it- Ii am thinking throw pillows for the bed, with some pom-poms around the out side edge. hmm or  some stuffed animals.

Here is a picture without the flash so you can see the pattern, got this cheap as it has some stains. Don't know what kind as I have yet to open it up completely and check. =)

This is what I am so glad Mikhaila found! It is so cool! It is alittle dusty as you can see.

It came with all the goodies that are shown on it.

The old pins- wonder what they were used for ? Makes me wonder who made it, how old is it. Wouldn't it be cool to hear the story this little rocking chair could tell?

The chair also has a scissors  that is right behind the cushion in its own little holder. Such a great idea!

This was my gift to my daughter for the day! LOL A great find on my part!

Isn't it too cute?? Oh such a find!

This was the third great find. Someone was scrappy! I am pretty sure that this is going to turn into a longer pillow. It is pretty long and not too wide. Plus it would be too challenging with my limited stash to match the fabric.

I really like the buttons! The floral above it is very interesting as well! Very excited to have gotten this- The only thing that I have in my stash that is a quilt! LOL

A close-up of some of the fabrics and if you look close there are some with hand stitching on them.
I hope you have enjoyed the cool additons to the sewing room. Glad I could show them to you. Have you found any goodies lately? I wold love to hear about them!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hmmm, no quilts, huh? I am needing to downsize my quilt collection, so how about we set a date and you girls come down and pick out a quilt or two to take home? You can't have a home without a quilt!!!