Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advocate Column not published in the paper.

I am putting this in the blog as it never made it into the paper this week as I could not make it to town to jump on Wifi! Ugghh I really need internet at my home just for these situations!! Sorry all you readers, I have heard back when you don't see the column in the paper. I value you reading my article every week. Let me know if you have info to put out there for the neighbors.

Good Morning their friends- Well we did get some snow over the weekend. I am sure there are people out there that are happy about that. I think it looks really pretty but I have to say the older I get the more I dread dealing with it. I look back at being a kid and I remember being outside for hours on a snow mobile, cutting wood or just playing. Now I have to gear up to go out, I have turned into a baby! I think it’s the responsibility that goes with knowing if the car does not start, YOU are the one that has to figure out what to do!

So here I sit with a car that will not run. What am I to do? First I have to just think, well it could be worse. I am stranded at home, not on the road. Does it put a crimp in my day? Sure does! I am glad my daughter rides the school bus- I used to drive her into school everyday- at least that is not on my plate today. What do others do when they are without  a car? A lot of people do not have a car at all. What do they do?? So I called Namekagon Transit, they are the little white buses that you see going around from Hayward to Spooner, other destinations. So if you are like me and are having an issue with your car, or if you are carless- you can call Namekagon and schedule a ride. You do have to call 24 hours in advance to set-up a pick-up, the lady I talked to was very nice and walked me through the process. I have to say I think the price is good, I just wanted to let people know that this is an option. You never know when you would like to do some shopping or have an appointment and can’t get a ride with someone you know. To schedule a pick-up call 715-634-6633 or toll-free 866-295-9599

I pray all the deer hunters had a great hunt. Hopefully a lot of deer were harvested to get folks through the winter. Nothing like a good pot of venison stew when it gets cold.

The Palace Theatre in Spooner are having a free admission  movie every Sat @ 1:00 pm. You do have to pick up a ticket from a business in town, Northwinds, Cat’s Meow, Spooner Advocate, Economart are just a few places to get tickets. Dec 1st will be Alvin and the Chipmunks- Chipwrecked, Dec 8th will be Madagascar, and Dec. 15th will be Arthur Christmas. Santa will also be there on Dec. 15th! If you are looking for a ticket call your favorite business and see if they have tickets to pick-up. A big thanks to The Palace Theatre for putting this on!

Feed-A-Family program has kicked off at The Lakes Community Co-op grocery store in Stone Lake. They are accepting donations to buy $10, $20, and $50 bags of groceries that will be delivered to needy folks the week before Christmas. The donations will be accepted until December 14th, you can send your donation to  The Lakes Community Co-op, W106 Main Street, P.O. Box 356, Stone Lake, WI 54876 Please make the check out  to The Lakes Community Co-op and put “feed-a family” on the memo line. Last year 65 families received groceries and 75 seniors received fruit baskets from this wonderful program. If you or someone you know would benefit from this program please give Jim at The Lakes Community Co-op a call 715- 865-6989. Also if you know any youths that are in need of a hat, gloves, jacket or boots you can let Jim know that as well or call Marie’s Hide-away- the sooner the better!

The Christmas Fund is also accepting donations of money, new toys and new clothing at Spooner Advocate, Shell Lake State Bank, Washburn County Register, and Indianhead Credit Union. If you would like to send a monetary donation in please mail it to Christmas Fund, P.O. Box 321, Spooner, WI 54801. If you are in need of help please fill out an application before Dec 12th, to receive help you need to reside in either the Spooner or Shell Lake School District. Forms can be picked up at Washburn County Register, Spooner Advocate, Washburn County Food Pantry, Washburn County Human Service Office in Shell Lake or Washburn County Public Health in Spooner. Delivery will be on Friday Dec 21st  from 9-1pm and an adult (or the recipients) will have to be there to accept.

I hope each of you are having fun getting ready for the holidays. Please keep in mind that it is not all about the gifts. Being with family, spending time with friends that is the greatest gift you can give someone. Homemade gifts are wonderful to make with the kids and are a great to receive!

If you have news please let me know! Stay warm!

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