Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Hidden Truth by Judith Miller

Dovie is really struggling with her mother's death, she misses her mother and wonders if she really knew her or if she had ever really been happy. When her father gets transferred to Texas she decides to ask to see if she can go and visit her mom's family back in the Amana Colonies. Will her father allow her to go back there? Will they even let her come to visit being her mom and her cousin had not talked in years?

Dovie not only struggles to find out who her mother really was, how she was raised. But she has to adjust the way she lives her life as life in the Amana Colonies are very different than her life in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dovie finds her new life both challenging as well as full-filling. She has some big lessons to learn about her mom, colony life, love and family.

Karlina loves working with her father and the sheep in East Amana. She struggles when a new shephard comes to help her father with the sheep. Will the new shephard work out? Will her cousin come and like being in East? Karlina struggles within her own life as she does not fit the "normal" woman in East, she does not like to do the "woman" duties expected of her.

Will the cousin's find happiness? Will they workout the mysteries that each seems to be experiencing with the men that they have started having feelings for?

I really felt this book was well written. It leads you through lives that have not always gone the way the people wanted them to turn out. It is well written, leading you through the book- wanting more.

I recieved this book for free from Bethany House. All that they asked me was to post a book review, weather that be a good or bad review. The opinions here are solely my own.

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