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Hayward Piecemakers Quilting Guild- Nov, 2012

I joined the Hayward Piecemakers Quilting Guild awhile back and when we had our last meeting- November 12th I finally was able to wear my name tag! Yes, that's right I FINALLY got it quilted! Are you proud of me or what!!! LOL I have to say I was pretty happy as I had been trying to get it done and with being in school and all the other obstacles in life I have not been able to sew the name tag OR make it to a meeting. It was great being able to see all the lovely ladies, see what beautiful projects that they have been working on. Of course that day I did not have my camera, so no pictures of the wonderful projects. However I will walk you through the making of the name tag.

The pieces were cut into squares already, so I just made sure they were squared up. Then cut diagonal.

Did the same with the other colors. I had to make sure to keep the colors in their own piles as each color is a different size.

Now some would use the paper pattern and just sew the fabric to it and then later take the paper off. Not me as I have not done that before. I was on a time limit and I did not want to mess up. So I just pieced it like I have learned to do. So the white will be the center with the dark blue pinned in position for sewing.

Bad picture, my camera is going. I need to get a new one quickly! But here you see the red id sewn on two sides, then pressed out. Now the other two pieces are pinned and once sewn you will then press out.

As you see here each color has been sewn, then pressed out. The little triangles you see are trimmed off before you pin the next color in place.

I like to pin the next color on first and then what I do is trim it to make sure that it is straight and the little triangles are off.

Press them out. I am a presser. I like to know what it looks like and if it is straight. Whatever you are comfortable doing.

This one was pinned and then sewn. I did this as some people will sew and then trim. Some people pin and then trim.

This is what it will look like before pressing it out.

After pressing out. Wish the camera was doing better pictures, but you get the idea!

Squared up.

Then you get to put the strips on that go around the name and the square.

Half done, now do the other two sides.

So this is what the badge is going to look like. I will write my name on the white piece. But before doing that I have to bind it.

Here I am folding the edge over and pinning it. Then I will start sewing.

Here is the back, you can see I like little stitches. This is my first attempt at doing a binding. I was amazed at how long it took me to do just this little bit! My friend Anita can bind! She is super fast. Maybe some year I will be half as good!

Done sewing! The edges are straighter than they look! LOL

Complete for the meeting. Have my name on there and the Guild pin. At some point I may use some floss and stitch my name. For now it is just fine.

I was pretty happy that I got it done AND I won the drawing for wearing my name tag! I never win anything! I was super excited!
Do you belong to a guild? Are you in the Hayward, WI area? You are welcome to come to  our meeting. The next Hayward Piecemakers meeting is January 14th at 10:00 am at the Hayward Library.

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