Sunday, December 2, 2012

Submerged by Dani Pettrey

Bailey Craig ran away along time ago from her small hometown of Yancey, Alaska. She had made bad choices and felt major judgement due to those choices. When she gets a call that her aunt has died she has to face those same people that judged her so many years ago. The problem is that the only man she ever loved is also still living in Yancey. How will she be able to face him after all that has gone on between them?

Cole McKenna and his familyare co- owners of a successful business. He is a family oriented,and still is in love with Bailey Craig.It is very hard on him when he recovers Bailey's aunt's body from a plane crash.Will this bring Bailey back to Yancey? How will everyone treat her?

Cole and Bailey get asked by the local police to work on the case being Bailey understands the Russian language and some of the history and folklore of the area. Getting stuck working together brings all kinds of feelings up from the past.Can they deal with their feelings while trying to find out if her aunt was murdered and why? Does it have anything to do with the other murders that have happened in the area? This book takes you through history, mystery, love, forgiving and forgetting. The person that is reading the book can relate on so many levels as we have all struggled with love, being judged by others or the loss of a love one. Mix all those feelings along with a good mystery and you jave Submerged!

This was a really good book that I would recommend reading.I received it free of charge from Bethany House. All they asked in return was for me to post a book review. The opinions written here are solely my own.

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