Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Book Giveaway! Prophetic Blessing by John Hagee

The Power of the Prophetic Blessing by John Hagee.

This is going to be one of about 5 book giveaways that I have ready to share with you!
All you have to do is leave a comment and please leave your e-mail so that I can let you know if you are a winner.

Bestselling author and pastor John Hagee’s new Bible prophecy book, The Power of the Prophetic Blessing, offers an exciting message of encouragement and blessing for today and for generations to come.

He says, “You have the ability, through the power of the blessing, to revolutionize your life. Every blessing recorded in Scripture is available to you for the asking. These blessings have the power to resurrect your dead marriage, bring supernatural joy, and provide you peace of mind.”

For God’s people, prophecy is a word of hope, deliverance, bounty, and richness for their life and family. When God blesses man, it is to bestow good health, abundant success, and prosperity, both materially and spiritually. Hagee shows how this powerful prophetic message of blessing flows throughout the Bible and can be used today to create an abundant and prosperous life. The Power of the Prophetic Blessing demonstrates your God-given power to prosper in challenging times. You were born to be blessed!

I would like to thank Worthy Publishing for sending me a copy for myself and also including a lovely copy for one of my readers!

I will draw a name on Weds. Please feel free to share this giveaway with your friends.

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