Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hello there friends.Come on in for a cup of tea! I even got some new tea just for company!
How are the holidays going? Are you having a wonderful time spent with friends and family? Are you getting some things done around the house that needed doing?? I sure have!
We have been baking up a storm. We have made alot of our favorites, Russian tea cakes, Peanut butter blossom, spritz, Peppermint bark. So far I have tried Dutch Spice- yum is all I can say! I also have some more to make but well there is still time as I don't go back to class until January 22nd.

We started with peanut butter blossoms of course. My favorite!

I have to say that I was really tired of rolling little peanut butter balls. The recipe made a ton!!

This year we decided to try and make spritz cookies.The recipe is really good it actually has honey in it. Thank goodness I found this cookie press early at a thrift store.

Here are the cookies, we also did like a cross one and a camel!

More spritz, they actually turned out yummy!

On to the next recipe. I was a baking freak! Here I am in my apron, I LOVE aprons! I actually need some more as I only have this one!

We started packaging the cookies to give out to neighbors. They were very surprised! 

These sugar cookies turned out very good, a new recipe. We used peppermint frosting on these and of course sprinkles! Yummo!

My little elf finally helped me on the frosting of the cookies! She actually cut the sugar cookies out as well. She loves to cook and bake! Oh did I mention eat them as well??

We could not find a rolling pin so we actually rolled out the cookies with this orange glass! LOL Hey you have to make do!

I hope you got some baking done for you and your family and friends.
 Have a wonderful holiday and I will share more pictures soon. I pray that all is well in your neck of the woods.
With love from Northwest Wisconsin!

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