Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Beautiful catalog......

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This morning I woke up to the windows rattling in this old farm house so right off the bat I can tell you that it is windy without even opening my eyes! It is also real overcast and well to not be too depressing due to it  being April it looks like snow! So I figured to brighten all our days I would talk about the catalog that I mentioned a couple days ago, even though I have not heard back from the company. I was thinking I should not get into to much trouble from them if I am praising and spreading their company name around. Plus well I really want to share it with you because I was actually quite impressed with this beautiful catalog.
Ok so here we go.... I am so excited and to tell you the truth I think this catalog is beautifully done! I like magazines and catalogs, but to tell you the truth not all photography is the same!! This catalog, Seed Savers Exchange- 2011 catalog of Heirloom Seeds, Books, Gifts has a beautiful cover to begin with- food never looked so good. But once I open the pages I am drawn to the stories ..... yes even the littlest seed has a story of where it came from, and what it can produce. Just think of the mustard seed in the Bible.. have you ever really seen mustard seed? Go check some out if you haven't it is amazingly little! The stories are so interesting and add so much more "flavor" to the seeds that you can grow for your family. I was amazed to read where the seeds came from, how they got here, what they may have originally been called. 
For a long time I have been interested in seeds and where has all the food gone we use to grow and use? I have read books, taken different classes on gardening or seeds to expand my knowledge of why we have so much waste, rot, disease in our food and well here is my conclusion in a nutshell. We don't grow the same things as we use to, they have been modified or changed!! Somewhere along the lines seeds became main streamed and cut down to a few varieties. In doing so some of the issues we see are the seeds can't be saved, the food is not as acidic, or flavorful , the produce doesn't store as well or for as long, but the main thing are all real nutritional values and different we are missing!!
Thank God for the Seed Exchange for their research and being a seed bank, and the Farmers and families that have kept their heritage seeds that have been passed down!! Those are the kind of seeds in this catalog. Heritage tomatoes that are wonderful shades of purple and orange, squashes that have so much meat in them that you can really feed a family on just one, how about peach Habanero peppers- doesn't it make you want to make some colorful salsa! That is one of the things that seems lost to me the colors of our food, why do we assume that all tomatoes should be red- who made that decision for me? I actually really like yellow pear and green tomatoes! If you want more color than get some colorful carrots and some black radishes. Our food should be fun as well as nutritional. Wouldn't we have more kids eating their food if we had a rainbow of colors on their plate?
So that is my plug for the Seed Exchange Catalog. Their catalog is on-line, I haven't checked the whole website out but I am sure it will be well worth the time. Remember to think outside the box people, if that is all that you take away from this blog today. Don't let someone else tell you that something should and can only be one way. You have a God given ability to get all the facts and to use them wisely and then make a decision. This applies to politics, home life, families, jobs- don't eat orange carrots all your life because that has been the norm... try the purple ones.. even if you have to close your eyes the first time.
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