Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sun, sun, sun...I see it!

Good morning friends... come in and talk to me a minute. I know you want to get outside, you must be as excited as me that the sun is out! I am going to get some more seeds started today...that is the goal. It has been so cold here for those of you that are not local that some seeds have started but wow not many! I think I will keep these in the extra bedroom and will have to run a heat lamp, if they are out here they will get tipped over by the cats!
Ok yesterday I went to my friend Tammara's house, her husband and her have a dairy farm but she also has a rescue for animals there at her farm. So she has alot of the usual animals- horses, goats, donkeys etc. But then she gets the unusual too- raccoons, deer, songbirds etc. Well what do you think she is mom to right now??? Baby bears, not 1, not 2 but 3! They have quite the appetite as well as attitude! So they are eating cereal, being they ate the nipple off their bottles! My reason for telling you all this is its cool that she takes care of these animals that need some help in their life. But to also remember to donate to the  folks that do run places like this. They need help- money, cages, treats, dogfood, as well as things like cereal (baby) that is what the bears are eating along with bear milk that she gets from some place out of state. There are other needs at different times of course. But as we get into the growing season we can also plant another row of some kind of food and donate it to animals, food shelves or give it to the neighbors. There is more then enough to go around if we plan to put it into the garden and just do it!! =)
The other plug I would say is to check class schedules from your local ag stations, greenhouses etc. They are offering some great classes on pruning, planting, etc and alot are free or really low cost!! I am a firm believer that you need to read and do your research but hands on learning HAS to be done as well! I just took a pruning class and a grafting class, they were in the same day at my local greenhouse and the ag folks were there as well. It was really interesting, I learned a ton, they answered all the questions, we went out to two different farms and pruned on their fruit trees. I was excited to do the grafting, I now want to graft a bunch more trees!! I have the grafting bug! I have a plum, pear, and an apple tree in my bathroom, waiting to see if the graft took. I hope they do!! Then they will go in the garden and then next year they can be planted in the area that they will call home. So go take a class, learn something you can put into practice in your garden or in your orchard. It is very satisfying!
Ok my friends check out my links, the local ag station as well as the local greenhouse is on there. Have a fabulous day! Go get some seeds that make you smile! Grab on for a neighbor and put a smile on their face as well!

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