Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Fool's Day- we have snow!!! What a trick!

Good morning friends, come in sit a spell and have a cup of tea. Well that is what we would be doing if we were face to face, so don't give me that look!
Ok today This is my agenda,
I need to stay focused even though we have some but not a lot of snow on the ground it will not bum me out!
First- I am going to get my seeds together, a feat unto itself! I was pretty good last year and so those are all together but just this morning I found some dill, cilantro, basil in the bathroom and well I am ashamed to say I was sleepig with a package of cosmos. Hey what can I say I take after my grandmother and well to put it nicely she was a nester. I too will find myself sleeping with a gardening magazine, a book about chickens, seeds or seed catalogs soooo... enough said. Getting these orgaanized will help me know what I am still needing to get. I did stock-up some last year - which I am so happy about now!
Second- I need to call a seed company that I did business with last year and see if I can get the credit owed me. I will just turn that right around into seed so... wish me luck.
Third- I need to check what soil I have outside in bags yet and figure out if it is actually soil, or manure and then do some figuring on how much I need. While out there I should also check how many containers I have to put things into as I would like to sell some plants as well as have them in the garden. I should build a wooden plastic container holder and put it out by the road, this lady has one and it is always plum full of all the black plastic bottoms that come on the plants from greenhouses. What a great way to recycle!!!
Fourth-I have to get ahold of the Ag Station and get the paperwork for selling at the Farmer's Market, as well as selling home-made things. I need that filled out and filed! I know I can sell the poultry and the eggs right off the farm. I was going to see  how much they would charge me for having a piece of paper that lets me sell the eggs at the Farmer's Market.
Ok that is it for now. I will check in with my progress!

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