Saturday, April 9, 2011

What's growing at your house?

Good morning, come in and sit down and chat a minute. I know as we are getting into Spring time is going to be short for all of us who are in the garden. So I just want to thank you for coming and taking a couple minutes to read my blog and to drop me a line.

I would love to hear what is growing at your house. So far here there is not too much growing, I really should have put some bulbs in. That would give me a boost to see some crocus, tulips coming up, however for years now I have just focused on plants to grow food. I will have to make a note of that in my gardening diary, plant some things that come up in the spring! My neighbor Doug has tulips, and some asparagus popping up. The neighbor across from me has some crocus that are darling!!! I can't believe how cute they are! They make me smile every time I go get the mail. I  do love the little hardy guys.

Well today I am going to get the onions in. The back garden has been  in sunshine so the ground should be soft enough. The onions I got are already sprouting so I need to get them in and covered. I am not sure if I am going to put this garlic clove I have in or not. I know we are suppose to put them in in the fall. However that did not happen so.. I have not seen anything that says I can't put them in in the spring. Guess I will go on the Master Gardener site and look it up. While we are talking about garlic and onions- has some nice planting demos for planting both of these, just in case you have never grown them or are wondering if you are doing it right.

My plan this year is to do some experiments as well. I am going to try some potatoes planted in tires. Now we talked about this in class when I took my Master Gardening training. The teacher said he grows potatoes in garbage cans and then just keeps banking them and at the end of the season he has pounds of spuds when he tips the can over. I also have heard about the spuds grown in tires, matter of fact I watched a demo on about this as well. I always heard people kept stacking the tires as the plants grew, but on the demo he put three together and then planted in the holes and on the top. So anyway I will still put some potatoes in the ground but I will be trying the tire idea as well. That way I can compare the two. I was toying with the idea of putting onions in the tires as well, still toying with this idea.
I do have the tires in position so I think if I can find some spuds in town today I will get them going too.

Ok, well that is just alittle on my plate today.  I hope you get out and dig in the dirt alittle. Its cloudy here so I should go check the weather and see if we are going to get rain or not. Have a wonderful day!

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