Monday, April 4, 2011

I hear birds but I see rain..

Good morning- Pull up a seat and sit down, have a cup of tea and warm yourself, yes it is chill out there!! Rain again today.. I know it is good, but we have just had too much so far. I would like to go and get in the dirt and get some work done! I know I am whining but when is it going to start warming up some? Please just a couple days with sun, no rain and no clouds.
Alright, I heard back from Laura from the Seed Savers Exchange and they were happy to be listed on my blog. So that makes me excited! I was pumped to know she went on my blog!!  Are there other catalogs or magazines,even a blog out there that you guys think I might need to read? Please let me know. Or is there a topic we should discuss?
I am hearing from friends that the seedlings are growing even though it looks so bad outside. This is giving us all a lot of hope that warmer weather will come.
My question today is.....Does anyone out there knew if their family were/are seed savers? Do they seed save now and picked it up as a hobby? Did their family seed save? Do they have seeds from way back that have been handed down? I sent my Aunt an e-mail this morning to see if she knew anything from when she was growing up. I am going to see if I can nose around with some other family members to see if they have ever heard of anything too. Both my Grandma Andre and Great-Grandma Marie- her mom were great gardeners. They must have done something to have seeds. I do remember buying some seeds with Grandma Andre and planting seed potato. I don't remember her storing any potatoes over winter. Although my neighbor Doug does store potatoes and then hauls them out in the spring and throws them in the ground.
So that is it for now. Have a great day and do something nice for yourself. Smile....someone is bound to smile back at you.

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