Monday, April 11, 2011

The sun is out... the sun is out!

Good Morning friends, come in and have a quick cup of tea.... I know we all have to go out and get some stuff done outside!
Ok, so here are my updates.I heard back from the seed company and they are sending me a refund for the things I ask to have refunded. I did not ask for the package seeds as who knows if it was faulty seed on their part, last year was a weird growing season, so maybe it was me! But I will try again as I have never had sunflowers not grow!! It made me happy to get this taken care of so I can go forward with buying some seeds I still need.
I worked in the garden after church yesterday.It was GREAT to get in there and get dirty! I was in mud from it raining on and off the last two days. I cleared alot of weeds and last year plants out. They repaid me by flicking mud all over my face when I pulled them out, Mikhaila was grossed out when she saw me with mud peppered all over my face! I got alot cleared out and gave the stuff to the goats and of course Poppy and Wilbur (the pot bellied pigs) got the onions and the roots. They were pretty excited about that! They are too cute... Poppy still is standoffish but she wags her tail all the time, Wilbur loves to get  scratched behind the ears, under the chin and well if it really be known he likes kisses on his nose! Hey don't talk to me about it he is Mikhaila's baby and she made him the way he is!
I did find some good onions that must have missed being frozen out and carrots which Mikhaila promptly ate! The carrots she liked were orange on the outside and  red on the  inside and she said the dwarf ones were really sweet There are still some in there growing and of course I will be planting more.
My plans are to get some raised beds built. I am planning on doing carrots, turnips, parsnips in there so they grow alittle better. Still going to get the potatoes next time I am in town, I forgot them the other day!
Other than I will be working on the yard, it needs help after this winter!
What are you doing today? Let me know whats growing!! Surprise a gargener you know or mybe would like to know better with some seeds! It could "grow" into a beautiful friendship!

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