Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seeds are in the soil!

Good morning! Come on in and have a seat...let me tell you what is going on at the farm here
Yesterday we raked leaves and sticks....where do the sticks come from? They multiply over night, and they are BIG the next time you go to pick them up!! Unbelievable. So anyway the oak trees that surround my house decided I really needed to pick sticks and pick up all the leaves that they left so.... done, at least on the one side. The other side does not shed as many sticks, go figure!
Yesterday a friend stopped by and brought bread! Yum! I sat on the step with the dog and had some before I even went in the house. I figure once the child sees homemade bread I will not get any so I better enjoy some first! While eating my foster parents stopped by on the way back to the cities, they had been up to the cabin for the weekend. So we went in and had coffee at the coffee shop, caught up on the news with them and exchanged Christmas gifts! It was a nice visit!
When we got home I worked on planting seeds. So far I have this planted, Marigolds in a long planter, Johnney Jump Ups in a planter, 38 peat pots of mixed color Bell Peppers, 12 peat pots of Sweet Basil, 37 peat pots of Sage, 33 pet pots of Catnip. Then I pulled this twin bedframe up to the house, it had been on the driveway for selling the produce last year. We wrapped it in plastic and put boards on it and put all the plants in there to grow. So say a prayer that it will be warmer enough in there and that I did it all right. I have never really grown a whole lot of  seeds, by the time I usually get around to it its too late. So then I just buy plants! But the plus side to that is I get the from the 4H plant sale so it is a help to the kids! There is always a plus side right! LOL But this year is the year to try new things and to save and make as much money as I can. So when the seeds all grow I will have some to sell as well as ones to plant. That is the game plan.
Mikhaila and I put the tires out at the back of the garden to put the potatoes in. I think I will be putting some squash, watermelon in them as well. I think it may help as we have critters that come through and it might help to have them protected by a tire instead of just growing in a hole in the ground. Once again this is all an experiment! I am still thinking of having to fence the whole area in and that is alot of work as it is a long piece of land on the side of the driveway!
I did speed read the main parts in my book "All New Square Foot Gardening" to see what I need to purchase to do some raised beds. I am going to do raised beds in the front of the new garden, why you ask? Well in the front I have some cement and rally grassy pasture land. I do not have a roto tiller and well the grass is so thick it would be a real battle to keep it from growing back! So I am going to do some square foot gardening, and actually some raised beds for the carrots and parsnips and things. Plus the other truth is I really work at building the land up so I have never disturbed the build-up by tilling it all back under. I hope that makes sense to people. The top soil is where everything grows not way underneath it all. So I will share more from this book when I get the lumber and start putting them all together. I have to get pictures taken as well and posted on here so we can all see the progress.
For today I am going to get some more things planted. I have my knitting group at 2, these are the ladies I make the prayer shawls and lap blankets with. I have been making great progress with the gifts I am making for Easter. I will share what they are once I give most of them away as there are people that read this that will be receiving them! Other than that I am going to enjoy the warm weather as it is suppose to cool off- I keep forgetting that it is only April!
Have a super fabulous day! Do something nice for yourself! Remember you are special and there is only one you! Ta-ta for now!

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