Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book Giveaway!!!

I am extending this for today as I did not get the drawing done yesterday. I am currently reading the book and I have to say its an easy read- not like a doctor using big words we don't know, it gives you examples of the behaviors, it makes sense! I am learning a lot - I read some and then put the book own to process it and yes I have underlined the things that I really need to work on. If you would like to be in the drawing leave a comment and I will draw this evening. Good luck!

Break Through....my first book giveaway!

Hey everyone this is my  first ever book giveaway here on my blog! I am so excited! I want to thank Worthy Publishing for sending me a book to review as well as an extra one to send to one of my followers. Please leave me a comment that you went on the website and if you listened to the interview or started reading the first chapter. I will pick a winner next Monday- June 11th. Good luck to everyone and thank you for reading the blog!

When to Give In, How to Push Back. The Moment that Changes Everything

This book shows readers how to protect themselves from the controlling or irresponsible behaviors of others—spouses, parents, friends, or co-workers. Does this sound like a  book that you should read, or maybe someone else in your family should pick-up? Hey we all have those relationships that we were dealt ( ie- family), as well as  those we have to put up with (ie- job).This book helps us be able to learn when we should put up with something and when we should push back and not cave in. Break Through has a self test to help get you back in control as well as useful tools to make some big, healthy changes in your life.
I have to say I am starting the book tonight. I really wanted to be able to review this book as I have some people in my life that are really obstacles for me. I am so glad that Worthy Publishing decided to send out a  copy of the book  so that I can work through it, apply the tools to help me have a healthy, non- abusive relationship with some very co-dependent people. None of us are perfect but life is really too short to live in bad, abusive, un-healthy relationships!
I invite you to go to   http://worthypublishing.com/books/Break-Through/  you can listen to an audio interview as well as read chapter 1 of the book. If you can't wait to get the book, it is in stores now, both Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble are carrying it.
I am off to read.... thank you for stopping  by. Good luck in the drawing!

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