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Wisconsin Quilt Shop Hop- June 8-24, 2012

Hello there friends Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to see what is going on here at the farm. If you have hopped over from another blog welcome!! Jo's Country Junction is doing her Try- it Tuesday, you try differnt things on Tuesday. Sometimes they work and well sometimes they do not. Of course Tip Junkie has her home made link up today as well. Both sites have great things to look at and learn how to do. So if you gt time bop over and find something new to try. What I am trying to do is get to all the quilt shops in my section (section 4) for the first ever Quilt Shop Hop! So far I have made it to 3 of the 13. It has been fun to see how different each shop is, what they make for demos, how they display things. How much goodies they stock to make you drool and want to clone yourself so you can accomplish making them ALL!!!! As I have gone to the different shops I have had the pleasure to meet some great folks. When you go to the shops make sure you get a passport so that the shop person can stamp it. Also each store has designed a block using the fabric that has been created just for the Shop Hop - so make sure you get a block at each place!!
This is the Busy Bobbin- Rice Lake, WI  They carry a lot of stuff in the ground level store!! Ii really like the block that they designed. Their website Busy Bobbin

This is Thimbles Quilt Shop in Trego, WI. This is quilt shop is pretty close to me. I like that she had little stop in and learn something to make on Saturdays during the winter. One was an apron, an ironing board cover- quick,cute and fun! You can check them out on their website Thimbles

Ok so this next place is like my DREAM store. It is how I always think a Quilt store should look like. I would LOVE to own a quilt shop and have yarn and goods in it but it would have to look something like this.
These folks are located in Ladysmith, WI. The website is www.heartlighthouse.com- when you go to the site check out the shop hop tab. They have some great projects made with the Wisconsin fabric!

This is the shop from the front- why yes those are all kinds of goodies on the front porch!

Now I am not the most educated but I think this pattern is called Bobbins- ither way that is what they look like and are CUTE!!

Love the quilt on the bench- could you tell it was hot and sultry out yesterday? lol

Is this cute? Plus their plants are soooo nice!

I think is is wonderful when folks use quilts. Not just display them somewhere where they will stay clean and untouched.  Instead really use them to add warmth, character, charm to an area. They have added charm here, makes me want to curl up and read a book! Way to share all the lovely quilts!

This is so me! I was just sharing with my daughter this weekend that my Grandma Andre' had one of these and she would have me help her! What a great way to display this old gem!

This as well as the Dresden plate are two of my favorite patterns!

I am currently working on paper piecing some hexies together- mine are smaller than these. Just think of all the time and workmanship that went into this! Lovely, just lovely!

Bright, fun! I really need to start using some brighter fabric. I always think things like this are cute when I see them but I never think to make them. hmmm ned to put that on the bucket list.

A warm and welcoming quilt, love the colors!  Blue is another color I just never pick to work with!
I am a scrap quilt kind of girl. It must be the thrifty in me. Before really getting hooked up through the internet I always thought scrappy had to always look kind of like this I love the crazy quilt feel, look as well as the stitching that goes with it. I  know now you can do various quilts with scraps and upcycled fabric and they can be in various patterns such as the dresden plate- thrift stores are a great place to shop for 100% cotton shirts!

Just check out the little stitches! Wow.

Here is another one that is displayed in the back of the shop!

I have to say I am really getting into stars lately. I have done some wonky ones, might have to try something like this.
Please go check out some of the folks that I have shared today. I would love to hear what you are working on. I can't show you the blocks that I got at each of the stores as it is a mystery quilt and I would not want to spoil the fun for others. I will of course share them once they are made- I can wait to get the rest of the blocks! What are you working on? I need to go shopping at some point and get a quilt to display on my porch or the fence or put on my bed. That is another thing to try.

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