Monday, June 4, 2012

Update on fruit- what may or may not be available.

I like to share info from local people. This is from the Country Lane Market and Pantry, in Barron- they are a good store to get spices and all kinds of goodies from. If you live in the area they are worth checking out.

Season’s Greetings,
   As you all know, summer is fast approaching and bringing with it another "fruit season".
Here is an up-date to our valued customers with the information the orchards are giving us. As a fruit supplier we are dedicated on trying our best to bring the best and so we were hoping for a more normal year in fruit. However this does not look like it's going to be easy this year, Frost!!! There was Frost on all tree fruit in Michigan and much of the east.
   No frost Washington Cherries - although the only Cherries in the nation not to receive frost. Washington has a good crop of Cherries. We expect demand to be higher than in the past. Washington Rainer & Bing cherries will be available by approximately July 1st.

   As of now we have no pricing on any fruit.
No definite pricing will be available until fruit is being harvested.

Michigan Peach trees will get a break this year.

 South Carolina peaches should be available from the end of June until the middle of September. We are expecting slightly higher prices on #2 and #1 fruit.

     Blueberries in Michigan at this time look like about a 60-75% crop. They should be in full swing by the 4th of July and go until the end of August. One of the growers stated (price is not going to be an issue, but availability will be). It may be; if we want blueberries we will have to pay more. Oregon does have a good crop and we will try to move them into the market.
    Apricots good crop out of North West.
  Washington Pears will be available at the end of August.
Plums we are not sure how they will turn out.
  Grapes Harvest May be the second week of September.

As soon as we know prices we will email the information…

To order Fruit you can go to this link  or call it in or stop in at the store.
We are trying to get a few early South Carolina Peaches coming next week; they will only be sold for fresh eating each because they are semi cling peaches. The Price for the early Peaches will be around $1.45 lb. Expect another email confirming this by this coming Saturday! 06/09/12

                  Thank You!
        Ezra & Connie Bender
   Country Lane Market & Pantry
           1642 16th St.
        Barron, WI. 54812


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    1. Thank you so much for coming by the blog, I am glad you enjoyed it! Come back again soon.