Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sheep and Fiber Day- Part 2

Hello there- I am glad you stopped by. I am going to share the last pictures from the Sheep and Fiber day that I attended over the Memorial day weekend. If anyone out there is raising sheep, or other animals for that matter holding a learning day on the farm is really a great way to share your farm as well as the other "businesses" that can come from those interests. Deb has sheep however, she sells the lambs, uses and sells the wool, and sells the items made from the wool. It is a great tool to teach the community where things come from, how they are made and in doing this hopefully spark some interest in the future generations! Also did I mention she had turkeys??
Not a great picture but they were so cool I had to take it. I love the males when they fan their tails!

Isn't he handsome? They had two hens sitting on eggs so I hope they all hatch out!

Really like this table to shear them on! Farmers can be so inventive!

Lots of wool coming off these guys. Made me want to get in there and start cleaning and washing it just to see what the end product will look like!

Hey there!

This guy came out to say hello as I was leaving the farm.I had to take pictures of him as he looks like my Willie at home!

He is so cute! Very friendly too!

This was my felting projected, it is dry now and I still have not trimmed it as you can see. I think it turned out cool~ it will make a nice coaster for my glass.

Back side- I really like the colors!
Again a BIG thanks to all the ladies and men who put this all together! I had fun and learned some new things. Until next time..... enjoy the day!

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