Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tri-County Dairy Breakfast- 6-9-12

Hello there friends. I am praying you are having a good weekend. Ours here at the farm has been pretty busy.We have had wonderful weather, sure makes it hard to stay inside and get things done around the house!!
Yesterday we started the day by getting up early, getting the chores done and getting going!! We had a dairy breakfast to get too! June is dairy month and well what is Wisconsin known for dairy cows and the products that are made from that milk. So off to the dairy breakfast we went with our mouths watering and our stomachs growling.

The local kids made posters that were very cute! Great job guys!

This is a great cow! Someone has talent!

This is where Mikhaila got excited. If you know my daughter she LOVES food- the more the better. So when she saw 4 of these griddles lined up she was SO happy! She thinks we need to get one of these- she reminds me every time she sees one at one of these events. LOL Like where would I put it? Isn't it alittle extreme  to cook for two on one of these???

Can we just say yum!! Yes we have ice cream on our pannie cakes! Oh its is divine.

Yes strawberries as well. The crop must be good this year as they are selling them along the roadside from the various farms, lots of buckets. I need to get some this year and make some jam.
Isn't he cute?? Yes he came around to give folks seconds on the pancakes. Love the chaps!

I should be up there driving! LOL Nobody would be safe!

I rally am not mean- just had sun in my eyes!

Some of the people that were there. We were the early birds- it started at 6:30 and we were there at 6:45! As we left there was quite the line! Some people say that they have over 1,500 that come to the breakfast! Way to support the event! Thanks to all the volunteers and thanks to all the farmers!

Ok I really like John Deere tractors. I really have no idea why as I have never owned one. I don't even know what my farmers in the family drive. Maybe its the color, all I know is that they are sooo cool!

The little kids had a blast in these blue barrels. What a great way to put these barrels to good use!!
Ok Mikhaila had to get a picture of the cow. Since she was little she loves the people dressed up as different things- IF she can tell they are human. If its a costume with a head thing on that makes them not look human than she doesn't like them. Once she told the Easter Bunny who had a real hot and elaborate costume on that he was not the Easter Bunny, he was just a human dressed like the Easter Bunny! Fun huh?

The red hat ladies were there dishing up yummy ice cream! Yes breakfast followed up by ice cream!

This was amazing. All of these were built and painted and well created by some guys.Very elaborate, detailed, miniature and so detailed! What a fabulous job they did!

Love the piggies and the mom in the haystack!

What can I say this was one of my favorites. Love the wily fox!

Each cow had his name over them on little pieces of wood! Very cool! This was another thing I thought wow wouldn't this be something awesome to pass down to your kids. What a cool hobby- so much talent!

Well that was the Dairy breakfast. Thanks to all those who helped put it on- you all did a wonderful job! Before we left a friend a friend got a picture of the two of us- thanks Otto


  1. Loved your pictures and info on your blog - You are busy gals with varied interests - keep blogging for others to enjoy -

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by to check the blog!I appreciate you taking the time!e