Saturday, June 16, 2012

From the sewing room..

Hello there friends! How are you doing today in your neck of the woods? It is raining here again today- at least we are not in a drought as some part of the country are. I figured while I am waiting for dinner too cook  I am going to post somethings I have going on in the sewing room. Lately I sure have not been able to sew like  want to, or knit either- or anything else really fun. Seems all I ever get around to doing is working- so what I did was pull out some fabric that I bought as a kit, I wanted to see what it all will look like together.
This is the the little kit that I bought at Thimbles Quilt shop awhile back. Its been sitting in a bag and waiting to be created into something beautiful. The pattern that came with it is for a braided table runner. Of course I did not take a picture of that... it will be a surprise later on.

This is the back and of course it is mingled with the other colorful patterns for the braided front.

Sorry about the pictures- they rally do not show the rich colors.

I really like the raspberry looking little flowers.

For some reason I really was drawn to the sample of this table runner. Its not usually the colors I am drawn too but I am glad I am getting out of my "normal". I am getting excited to get my iron hot and get cutting!

The other thing that I did was a gift for my Foster Mom... I wanted to do a little project that I could use my felting needle and loose wool. So I grabbed a silk scarf and some dyed curls from my friend Shelley's Lincoln sheep. You can go to her store here Shelley's, she really has fabulous stuff! Whatever you are looking for she either has or can get it for you. I really have been fighting to not get some more Noro Yarn!! I really want the book that Noro has put out too, a ton of beautiful things to knit!!! Anyway this is how it turned out.
Its a scarf to wear or it can be used on a dresser too.

A close up of the colors! I love the colors and the texture of the wool and silk.

Here is another close-up.

So that is what is going on here. What have you been working on? Are you doing the 1st ever Wi Quilt Shop Hop? Let me know what is on your sticks or the sewing table. Have a great Saturday!

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