Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yes...A farm with kittens....

When they were smaller, they are bigger now. This was their first visit out in the bg world. Mikhaila had them all out and read to them of course! Mom had to come out and see where they were.

Peony the mama. She is all Mikhaila's cat!

The male geese think they are the protectors of the kittens! Gino is in the back and the main one here who goes after folks is Angelo.Yes he has an angel wing, h is the dominant guy!

You talkin' ta me?

Mama and her babies outside for the day - this last week. They are getting so big and are fuzzy!

Their eyes are still all so blue!

Poor stripped one can't even get up! They sleep in such a pile

Must be hard to sleep while trying to hold your head up!

Amazing the one can breathe with his face buried in all that fur!

his is angel - she is named that as she had to have a guardian angel. Mikhaila found her over in the barn, right in the way of the path , where we walk and lead the animals in and out of the barn- lucky she was making some noise or she would have been stepped on! All the others (4) were born under the deck- she is tiny. Mikhaila warmed her up with a sock filled with beans and put in the microwave and then I got home and curled up with her in my shirt

Ok what is a farm without kittens right. And before someone goes off about fixing the cat, we are going too. Peony is a wonderful part of my daughter and my life and we want her around for a long time- minus kittens for everyone of those years! However kittens are here, they are "barn" kittens that are well loved on and well looked after as you can see. We will find homes for those we can otherwise they will get fixed and live their life on the farm. I just had to share as I think they are so precious!


  1. Aww, they are so sweet!
    All farms should have cats running around. They take care of the mice.

  2. I think you know my feelings on cats! :-D I have plenty, and wouldn't give them up no matter how annoying they get. Let me know if you need a referral to a good yet inexpensive vet! My guy is fantastic, although a little far from you. We could coordinate something, though, I bet!