Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spooner Advocate Column- June 14, 2012

Hello there neighbors. Hope this finds you enjoying the warmer weather and getting things done outside. There sure are a lot of things to go to and be apart of.

Have you signed up for the reading program at the library? They have reading clubs for the kids as well as the adults!  I think this is a great idea! It is a great idea to get the kids signed up, set goals and read! A book can take you on a trip, make you feel excitement, danger, sadness, live history, learn something or just escape your "normal" life. You and your family will read some awesome books and will be excited as you achieve the goals you set. There s nothing like reading a great book while sitting under a tree in the lawn. Go sign up at the Spooner Library and let me know if you read a good book.

The First ever Wisconsin Quilt Shop Hop is going on right now- June 8-24, 2012. For our area ( section 4) there are 13 quilt shops to go check out. I am so excited about the shop hop and have gone to two of the shops so far- Thimbles in Trego as well as Busy Bobbin in Rice Lake. Each store has fabric that was created just for the Shop Hop and each store has a different block that they designed using the the fabrics- very inexpensive $1.95 each!! At each place there are drawings for various prizes to throw your name into, there are really a ton of prizes to win on the local as well as state level. When you go to the shop ask for a passport and every shop you visit will stamp the passport, when you are done visiting the shops you plan on visiting turn, the passport in for the drawings!!  What a great way to not only support local business but to also go see some of the local towns! Wisconsin really is a beautiful state with each area a little different than the other, enjoy and take someone along to share the experience. More information can be seen on the website or call up to Thimbles in Trego- they can help you out too.

While out and about check out the local museums. Some areas have really great historical buildings as well as pictures and facts to tie it all together. We went down to the Barron County Museum this last weekend for a quilt show. Wow- talk about a great place and a whole lot of information and displays! Their information can be found at Another place that is on my to do list for the summer is very local- The Washburn County Historical Museum in Sringbrook- there contact info is715-468-2982 or email- and I am planning on going to the Shell Lake Museum as well- their contact is the same as the Springbrook Museum. Take a youngster with and show them that history can be fun!!!

Ok that is about all I have for you this week. If you have info please let me know- I would love to talk to you.  Until next week.. find time to curl up with a good book!

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