Sunday, December 30, 2012

Whispers in the Wind by Lauraine Snelling

Cassie Lockwood is alone in the world since both her mother and father have passed away. She sets off on an adventure after the Wild West Show she has grown-up preforming in is closed for good. All she has is a wagon, 3 friends, and some various animals that do tricks.

Where will she go now that her life has changed so drastically? What will she find waiting for her when she goes to the ranch that her father owns half of? Will they accept her claim on the land?

This was a good book to curl-up and read. You can easily put yourself in her position as she leaves the only life she has ever known. To go on an adventure to see what fate will deal her next. This book carries you along on that adventure, keeping you wondering what might happen next.

Well written and a good afternoon read. I thank Bethany House for sending me a free copy. All they ask in return is for me to write a review on the book. I woudl suggest reading this book, or giving it as a gift.


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