Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beatiful Scottish Highlanders!!

Good morning! I have missed talking to all of you! I have been so sick with a cold that it has been a real chore to breathe let alone do anything else! I hope all of you out there are healthy and enjoying the spring weather.
The birds have been busy here making their nest. I sure am glad that I cleaned those nest boxes out! There is a bluebird family looking into the one that needs a little fixing,  we hung a bag of feathers and fabric scraps out there. So I guess we will see if they use any of it.

Mkhaila was a dear and went and collected a bunch of various feathers. She thought it would be fun to tease the geese that she was going to take the feathers out of their tail area- well they gave her the stink eye and went elsewhere! A friend of ours needed them for a project- she goes to the Art School- it will be fun to see what she creates! The left overs all went back out in this little onion bag for the birds to use for nesting.

I left some feathers hanging out so that they can just grab them easier. My step mom, Sharon always had a bag of nesting stuff out for the birds in the Spring. It is something I think of every year at this time. She would have been excited to hear that the birds are working on their nests.

So we went out to a farm for a cow/calf seminar the other evening. What people do is come out to see your farm and your animals, ask questions, see what you are doing that maybe they could do on their farm. There is a supper served, some great speakers/ presenters and lots of info handed out. A good time!
So Rachel and her partner Rob had us all out to see their Highlanders and can I just say I  have NEVER seen such a BEAUTIFUL and CLEAN farm in all my life! People were even saying that about the pen areas- NO COW PIES! Very nice arrangement in the barn, beautiful landscaping in the yard and wow nice pasture area for the cows as well as the bulls. They were beautiful animals! I just wanted to put one in my pocket on the way out that night! LOL So anyway lets get to some pictures!!

My artsy kid takes after her mother. Got to take pictures of "cool and unusual things!"

Isn't she awesome????? She is pregnant right now.


One of the bulls checking things out. Nice barn huh??

Yes she is a them horns!

I just love the whole bangs thing! LOL

Rachel put hay out so they would come by the fence and eat so we could see them better.

She came around the corner of the fence and then realized we were NOT her mom! LOL She froze!! What a cutie!

Talking about the fencing.

Talking about how she sits on the cows, brushes them. They were very calm, friendly cows!

Just in case they need the shoots, however they have very healthy animals so they haven't needed to use them. Also the troughs weren't really needed as the animals are all grass fed.

Talking about being able to load them for butchering with just a little grain in a cup. She also can have the vet vaccinate while she is just brushing the animal! Cool huh?

This one has the cutest teddy bear face! Very expressive eyes!

The birthing pen. That way the babies are not born out in the pasture. Sometimes the mom will hide them out in the trees- doesn't make it easy for the humans! LOL
Ok that is what I have for the first part of this blog. We took so many pictures that I can not put them all on one entry! Also Rob likes to restore tractors and well we HAD to take pictures of that as well!
All  can say is that they did a great job of hosting! Their animals are wonderful!  Thanks so much for having us all out there to your farm!

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  1. What's the name of that type of cow?
    And I love the back of the guys head...awesome picture!