Friday, March 16, 2012

Try it Tuesday Update

So a week ago on a Tuesday I planted some plants and shared them with all of you here on the blog. Well this last Tuesday I checked in with the plants and took pictures so you can see what is going on here as far as those plants. I have to say that with this warmer weather  I really want to get out and start working in the soil. I want to start plants and plant things outside.Now I know that we could still get some colder weather, and we have there was frost outside earlier this week. But wow I just want to have a green yard and some fresh veggies from the garden.
Apple is doing good. I think he has laid down some roots by now as he has been planted for a week and a half. We shall see how it grows....

This is the lavender today- it has grown alot since Tuesday when I took the other picture!

This is the same lavender that I took a picture of today! See how much shorter this plant was on Tuesday??

These lavender are growing great too! I am so excited!! Can you tell I have Spring fever???
This is a great plant- I love succulents and cactus! If you look at the top you will see little nubs ad they are fuzzy. I think that he is going to flower! My shorter cactus I don't thin are mature enough, these must be older  as they are taller. Only the back plant has nubs on him the one in the front does not have any. Can't wait to see what color the flowers will be!
Here is a close up of the nubs. Not sure if they are going to be flowers or are they new plants? hmmmm I am excited either way.

Ok that has been the update on the started plants. Oh except the dahlia- she isn't growing. So I am going to try some lighter soil as the stuff she is in is heavy. We shall see. Tell me what you are growing? Is it really growing or just kind of sitting there? I am going to a friends this weekend and all the ladies there will do a seed exchange. I am excited for that!! Have you ever done a seed exchange? What did you like or not like about it?

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