Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Try it Tuesday!

So I am naming this Try it Tuesday- it is a name that I borrowed from my friend Jo over at http://www.joscountryjunction.com/ . She has a link up so that people can try things out and then tell others if it works for them or if it didn't- it can be recipes, or patterns, maybe a canning recipe  or whatever comes to mind. So I figured today I would give it a try.
What did I try you ask?? Well first I have to say I have been having some Spring Fever so I have been wanting to get into the soil and started diggin'!! Alittle while back I bought a pineapple and I thought he would root if I put him in water, well he hadn't so  thought I wonder if he is one of these plants that just goes right into soil? So I pulled out my copy of Jerry Bakers  book- I Never Met A House Plant I Didn't Like ( it cost me a whole 25 cents at the library!!) and looked up Pineapples. Well sure enough they just go into the soil and are not rooted in water! So...

So Apple was the first one to get a new place to lay down roots....

I buried him right to the bottom of his greenery. Them I watered him in the center of the plant like the book said. He looks healthy on the outer leaves but has lost some of his inner core leaves so we shall see what happens. It is Try it Tuesdays so we are going to see if he grows, he won't grow pineapples- however he will be a nice house plant.

Then on to my lavendar- I was very sad when this plant froze! I am a lavendar freak! I bought this Munstead Lavendar at the garden shop and it smelled lovely!! Then when the heat went out in the old house well it kicked the bucket!! So I am still in denial that it is dead so I left the root of this plant in the pot. What can I say!! .

So I trimmed all the lavendar I could off of it.  These smelly cuttings will go into sachets sometime soon. 

Then I watered the soil in here very good- let it soak. I planted one of the Lavendar tubers  that had new growth on in here right across from the root of the other plant. It they both grow that would be awesome. Remember I am in denial!! However if the one bulb that I planted today grows then she will still have room to start making tubers. It is March and  she will get ahead start on her other Lavendar friends that will end up in the yard this Spring.

These are the bulbs I am using. I bought them from my neighbor at the old house.She has great gardens- I love her Dahlias, the Lavendar, her berries!! I have to say I was surprised that Lavendar is a bulb root as I have always bought Lavendar plants. I went through this last year with the Dahlia thing as well- there are seed Dahlias and there are root Dahlias.

Yes I know what you are thinking I should have cut the tubers apart. I would have had more plants.  Well like I said I bought them this way , forgot to do it before storing them, and I was just trying to keep them alive this past winter. Over all I did keep most of the Lavendar and the Dahlia tubers in shape for growing. This s an achievement on my part as I have killed all kinds of bulbs in the past. The house we live in was hard to regulate heat in and so things froze. These are starting to sprout so they are wanting Spring and warmer weather too! 

Two smaller Lavendar  roots went here. Just to get them going and then if need be they can be transplanted. The growth of the tubers will not be that much before we get warmer weather to not be able to be transplanted. Plus this is an experiment, will the plants from inside grow faster or bigger than their friends that get put in the ground in the Spring?  I guess we shall see. I just know I have to break ground up in the Spring before I can plant so anything that gets me having plants started is a plus!

Two tiny Dahlia bulbs got planted as well.They are small so  they went in together to start and then they will get split. I really don't like the soil that is in here- its pretty heavy so I may have to add some fluffy soil to help lighten it up some. But they are in the window and they do have sprouts!

The Lavendar plant in the window by the cactus. I am a cactus person too! Matter of fact that may be my next Try it Tuesday. I have some seeds to start cactus. But I have been hesitant to use them as I am thinking -How long will it take to grow a cactus from seed!

So that is my Try it Tuesday. Go check out what others are trying over at http://www.joscountryjunction.com maybe it will inspire you to try something new. I do like her website, I am always inspired by something on there! If anyone has bulbs to share or a cactus or anything else gardenish  I would be so interested!! Until next time...

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  1. I can't wait to hear about an update on your Tuesday projects. Great ideas!