Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Try It Tuesday.

Ok My it is Tuesday again?? Where does the time fly too? If you are new to my blog thanks so much for stopping over!! Please feel free to subscribe or leave comments,  love to hear what folks are doing with their spare time. Whatever that is right? 
So Tuesdays I try to post about something we here at the  Barnyardchicks Farm have tried. I got the idea from Jo over at Jo's Country Junction - please go  over and check out her fabulous site as she is a great quilter! She also has recipes as well as other goodies to share. I am always inspired after looking at things she has made or tried. Hopefully you will be as well. 
So here at the farm we tried some new things. First I have a glider rocker chair that is broken,  thought it would be a pretty easy fix. hmmm That is not the case.
 I really want this chair fixed so I can sit in it. However it really has  not cooperated! I got all the tools and the glue. The piece does not want to stay n the hole and it has been fixed before by someone else so what does that say. Its a weak spot and maybe I need to figure out how to make it a non-gliding chair!

This was before fixing. As you can see all the glue and well the piece does not want to stay in there at all! What a drag! I want to sew and knit in this chair. If anyone has suggestions on how to make it stay together or make it a stationary char let me know.

So the chair was a thumbs down for the Barnyardchicks!

Next project we tried here was the annual cleaning out of the birdhouses. I always think about this after the fact that they should be done. I would have this year too but I got an e-mail about someone else who was cleaning out their birdhouses. So the first hing I did was seize the moment and do it or it would most likely would not get done again this year. All I can say is yuck!
Here is the first one- doesn't look like its been used in awhile. The bottom on this one needs to be reinforced. I mean we don't want a heavy nest in there and it falling out the bottom! Plus this one the screw doesn't want to told he lid tight so they could fall out the front as well. So I need to fix that.

It was so windy that all the crude went flying right into my face! Lovely! LOL This picture is way not attractive- can you tell I was in the sewing room all day? Wow. OK Next!

This is the other one. These are both on tall post that lead into my pasture.

This one is in better shape as well as it looks like it has been used last year. Still its getting cleaned out. These birds are resourceful though look at that feather tucked in there. I felt bad that all their hard work was being destroyed but they have lots of feathers and all kinds of fresh hay to pick up for their new nests.
So the birdhouses were a thumbs up for the Barnyardchicks! 
I will be putting out some yarn and feathers in an onion bag so that they will have nesting choices. My stepmom always did this when she was alive and I think its a great idea! It will be interesting next year to see what they used to build their nest out of!

The last Try It is dinner. We actually made this for dinner last night. We used the cabbage that we grew last year, added potatoes, carrots, onions and ham and let it cook for awhile on the stove. Then we made crescent rolls and had dinner. Well it was delicious! I am so glad we just froze our cabbage last year, we have really enjoyed making dishes like this that are flavorful as well as filling. Its also cool that we grew some of the produce ourselves!
So that was a BIG thumbs up for the Barnyardchicks. 
Thats it for Try It Tuesday here at our farm. What are you going to try out today? I hope you have fun while doing it! Let us know what you have going on in your neck of the woods.

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  1. This reminds me: I have a birdhouse to hang up! Hmmm...a project for this afternoon? Well, I think I'll plant some seeds first. So much for a lazy Tuesday, ha ha!!! Thanks for the inspiration!