Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Try It Tuesday!

Good morning! How are you doing today? Are you busy crafting? Or are you busy starting plants for  the garden? Maybe the family has you busy running around with school and sports. Whatever you are busy with I appreciate that you came by and took the time to read my blog! Thank so much!
Today is Try It Tuesday! If you have been on here before I try to do something on Tuesday that I have not tried before- sometimes I like it and it works, other times  try it and well it is a fail. I got the idea from Jo's Country Junction, she always has some great things she tries! Go check her site out and you can see what others are trying as well.  
So I got out a project that actually I have not had all that long. I bought it at the fabric store and thought it would be a great project to stick in the purse and I could pull it out and work on it while waiting or while watching tv or something. It came all pre-cut so it really was not a lot of work on my part at all.  The project a Grandmothers Fan Hot Pad....
Various fabrics that are just fun! I love the one that has the ants on it. Of course the coffee one is right up my alley too! Love me some java!

A close up of the patterns. I always think I need to put fabrics together that match or are the same color, pattern. However I really like the way this looks! Its scrappy, bright, and would fit the decor of more than one house- just in case it is given as a gift. All I have left to do is layer the back and insulbrite and put the center circle on! Then I am actually going to "try" quilting the top - I think I will try just sewing in the ditch.

The other project that I did share with you  already. However I worked on it some more as I am "trying" to get as many yo-yos done as I can. I really want to get this table runner done!  They are fun to make!!

The problem I am having with this project is do I just put the yo-yos together all mixed up? You know not two of the same pattern together. Or do I put them in a flower shape with the center yellow and then petals of the same material around the center? I can't remember what the one I saw looked like as far as a pattern. I believe it was all mixed up. Hmmmm  Let me know what you think, or what you have tried. When I get some more done I will post some pictures and we can have another discussion on it- although maybe I will have made my mind up by then... or not. 
Ok friends, have a fun and productive day! Too see other home-made gift ideas you can go to Tip Junkie and make sure you go get some great ideas over at Jo's Country Junction.

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