Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some inspiration.....

So  I was looking threw some pictures that I have taken to see what else I could share with all of you. I was kind of looking for some inspiration today, I want to start sewing on a new project but I am keeping myself reigned in until I get some things finished or done! That has been really hard for me as I am kind of the type of person that finds it really fun to do various projects all at the same time. HOWEVER, that means I don't always get them done or sometimes if I am close to getting them done I have lost most of my interest and therefore they don't get done. So anyway...while looking through pictures I found some from the fair last year. I share these with you to kudos to such wonderful crafts- ladies as well as to inspire us. Remember a quilt is not built in a day-  Enjoy!
All I can say is beautiful! Whoever did this quilt is talented. I would love to do some applique. I just have not gotten there, I feel I would screw it up or something. It is a hurdle in my mind that I will get over once I get some quilt making under my belt. I really love the colors and the pattern.

I have really become a fan of light yellow backgrounds. To me the quilts made like this say homey, use me to cuddle up in. I love the fabrics in here! They just remind me of the quilts from the past. This is an edge that I want to put on a quilt- I think it just adds so much to it! I recently saw this edging on a wool rug too and it really just caught my eye. Do you have a favorite edge or pattern that you would like to do? Or one that you keep going back too? They really did a great job on this quilt- beautiful!!

Mikhaila really liked this one because she is a dog hound! LOL  Very cute! I like the use of the small squares in between the blocks.

I think these are great! Something that is artsy and functional. I have some potholders in my pile that need to be finished, however they are not this cute. LOL

I took this picture because I really like how they quilted the green. That is a beautiful pattern!

Wonderful huh? The detail in this blows my mind!I think it would look fabulous framed on the wall. I don't think if I would have made it I could ever use it! Awesome!

Here is another quilt that I find very interesting. I like the hexagon shapes - I really like the edge on this quilt as well. Plus the red makes it pop! I have a problem at times putting all the different fabrics together when I am thinking of making a quilt . But when I see quilts like this I LOVE how it looks! I am in the process of starting to cut hexagons out for a Grandma's Garden quilt. I am going to have to see what I have still in the stash to work with as I am still trying to get the blocks done for my crumb quilt- I am running low on crumbs!! I need to hook up with some people that sew and don't use their scraps- especially those that use bright fabric as I have none of that in my stash!
Here is Mikhaila taking a break with our friend Karen. Karen is a great sewing person ( she sews and quilts) she is the 4H person to go to for all your sewing needs and wants. She also is in charge of the 4H fashion show and she volunteers long hours with 4H as well as in the textile building at the fair. Thank  you to all the volunteers at the fair!! Thanks to all those that always put things into the fair - you are all awesome to share your talent with the rest of us! Keep the great projects coming! 
I hope you have found some inspiration and had fun looking over some of the things that were entered in last  years fair. If you are looking for more inspiration here are two talented ladies that I always get inspired from  and
Have a great day!

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  1. Love your quilts, but more the tatted doily. What pattern is it? I started (about 1985) tatting before I started (about 1990) quilting. My wife wants me to do bookmarks for her to send in cards, etc. I'm a scrap quilter (totally hooked) - working on Dresden plates, Grandmother's Flower garden, log cabins and whatever. What size scraps are you using in the GFG? We were on a bus shop hop (MN, IL and IA) this last weekend, picked up a few bags of scraps. Bounced from Jo's Country Junction. Take care - happy tatting and quilting - Robert, in northern Iowa (